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Outlook PST Merge

Numerous Outlook users like to store mails' items in different Outlook accounts. But when numerous PST files are available in Outlook account, it is hard to manage PST files. Therefore, in this blog, we are guiding you through the methods of merging multiple Outlook PST files. Our motive will be to merge the files and combine all the data into a single file. But then, we also wish to merge PST files without damaging or losing the PST file data.

Therefore, the suitable solution to this trouble would be a single PST file with all your appreciated data inside. Apart from that, there are some other reasons to merge PST files. But the request sit down, how would you merge all PST data files into a specific Outlook PST file. As, there are probabilities that you mix-up and lose your mailbox data, and it might damage you in many conducts.

Reason to Merging PST

Every person has different reasons to merge PST files, but there are a few common motives why a user might need to merge PST. So, here we are declaring the conditions where merging PST will be the best likely solution.

  • You may want to merge PST when you are merging your old accounts.
  • Merging PST is the best choice when you are making backups.
  • If you are preparation to merge your personal, social, or work-related accounts, the combing is the best way out.
  • If you are scheduling to switch to some other facility, let’s about Exchange, then merging can be supportive.
  • If you are going to obtain files from a team, family member, organization, or any other group of people, merging is the relaxed way to maintain all that data in one PST.

Apart from the above-mentioned motives, there would be some further reasons to do as a result. But the query ascends, Way to merge all PST files into a single Outlook PST file? There are probabilities that you disorder up and misplace your mailbox data, and it influences harm you in numerous ways. So, to merge your PST files securely, with their integrity intact, retain reading this blog.

Merge Outlook PST Data Files Manually

The manual method is not honest; it is a two-step procedure.

Phase 1: Create a New PST File

  1. Open Outlook,
  2. Click on the Home tab in Outlook, click New Items, click More Items > Outlook Data File.
  3. Browse for the address path to save the file, create it a name, and click Ok.

A New Outlook PST file is now created here.

Phase 2: Import MS Outlook Data to New PST file

In this phase, the data from present PST data files will be moved to the new file created in Phase 1.

  1. Run Outlook, & click on the File tab.
  2. Now, Click on the Open & Export > Import/Export bar.
  3. Choose here Import from another program or file; click Next.
  4. After that Select Outlook Data file (.pst file format) and click Next.
  5. Browse Here the PST file to import and click Next (Note: Select between the choices given in this step as per the necessity).
  6. Following the above Select the folder(s) you desire to import to the new PST data file (Note: Don’t disremember to a checkmark on sub-folder(s) in case of incomplete selection of folder(s)).
  7. Click Finish.

Importing from the previous Outlook PST data file is genuine, but phase 2 has to be frequent to whole the migration from multiple PST data files. as above article, the data is imported from a single file only, though the iterative count of phase 2 would break on the number of PST data files you have from which you entreaty to import data into a single Outlook PST file

Shoviv PST Merge Software:

Merge numerous PST Files into One with the benefit Of captivating PST Merge Software, If you have several PST files in your system and you are facing trouble in opening its data, then take the help of PST Merge Software and merge all the files to make one. The Shoviv PST Merge Software has a tolerant feature of merging PST of changed size and generating the one. 

1- Users can add numerous PST files at one stage.

2- Various options are accessible to association two or more than two PST files. The options are: merge contacts folder, join, and merge.

3- Metadata of the email preserves on conserved even when dual or more PSTs are joint.

4- The software comes merges the files without irresistible many stages.

5- Shoviv PST Merge Software can easily merge the folders of PST as well.

6- The software can merge boundless extent of PST files

7- All merged files could be saved in a new PST file as well in the present one and only.

8- The software is proficient in merging ANSI & UNICODE both forms of files.


As we discussed above methods for Outlook PST merge, a manual process is free but it is a careless way to perform this task, as a result, a proficient third-party tool becomes the first choice. Hence professional way using Shoviv Outlook PST Merge Software is the best preference to perform this merging task. It is designed with a highly progressive algorithm and offers a graceful working environment.

You can check its working proficiency using the free demo version that allows the handling of the first 50 items of each folder.


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