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Metal Corner Brackets

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It's all gonna be the same way i clean up the metal both sides all right i just cleaned it up with a 24 grit disc and my air grinder i'm going to clamp them and i'm going to do a bolt weld down through here and all these here on each panel i'm going to butt weld one and i'm going to go through the process of what is like the Metal Corner Brackets weld and mat nut so what i'm going to start off with is what i'm always using is the uh 23 gauge wire or sorry the o23 wire six millimeter and i'm going to go to the process of welding this off now i always spot weld when it comes to welding automotive panels um the one thing you see when fellows teach you how to weld  online when they're welding the heavier steel is the boys are running beads don't go running beads on sheet metal okay uh especially this 22 you're going i'm going to show you what happens because i'll actually run a bead on another piece here not a sec but all you do is you do spot welds right have them about an inch apart and then off them one at a time after another and work on basically getting the panel up and cooling it down the key to it is to keep the panel cold. Large metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets for wood, Heavy-duty metal corner brackets, Long metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets Screwfix, Decorative metal corner brackets, Corner brace brackets, L brackets. 


Outdoor screws Screwfix, Railway sleeper brackets, Screwfix railway sleeper brackets, Railway sleeper brackets b&q. If you get any amount of heat in this thin metal you're going to warp the dead out of it now when you're welding with the gas you got your tape which in this case here is a 0-2-3 tip uh make sure that your wires are sticking out a small bit from it but these nozzles on this machine here got a tendency to drop back on the backsides when you push them on the tip sticks out by right you should have the tip submerged below the end of the nozzle so make sure that you haven't got this type of thing going on you'll find that it doesn't get the shielding gas as good so you got to have a little bit of protection like that over the nozzle in order to get the gas so you may have to adjust the small bit or replace it when you get the Outdoor Screws new one you'll see this round sleeve on the bottom here this will be more to the bottom but I've had to clean it that many times now is after sliding down putting it on taking it off right.


So I just have to keep an eye on it I put it on I just pulled it up a small bit all I'm going to do here is I'm going to hold the place here on the end at the tack well now and then put one every inch or so I like cooler over there uh some say to put a damp rag on it but you're gonna have to weld this and you'll contaminate the metal where well and it was wet.



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