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Under this intense Inferno, the ore releases molten iron which drips to the bottom of the furnace gases from the reaction are cleaned and recycled as fuel for the coke ovens and blast furnace stoves the limestone traps impurities released from the burning coke and or becoming a slag which floats atop Metal Corner Brackets the heavier molten iron the iron and slag flows almost continuously from two tap holes near the bottom of the furnace a drill pierces the clay plug of the tap hole and bores into the heart of the furnace a 2,700-degree river of molten iron is born from the belly of the furnace in a spectacular display of man's command of nature unleashed the fiery tide follows its directed course beneath the watchful eyes of its creators with respect for its fury the quality of the metal is monitored and recorded the limestone having performed its cleansing job rides out of the furnace atop the river of iron diverted to a cooling pit. Large metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets for wood, Heavy-duty metal corner brackets, Long metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets Screwfix, Decorative metal corner brackets, Corner brace brackets, L brackets. 


Outdoor screws Screwfix, Railway sleeper brackets, Screwfix railway sleeper brackets, Railway sleeper brackets b&q. It will be recycled perhaps as the bed of a new highway or railroad borne of brittle brute strength the iron is destined for refining school where it will learn to be rolled drawn and stretched as Metal bearing more than 200 tons each torpedo car haul the molten iron to the basic oxygen furnace where it will complete its transformation into Metal poured into a ladle the iron is treated and skimmed to remove slag containing sulfur an impurity leftover from the coke in the blast furnace while the iron is being skimmed scrap Metal recycled from elsewhere in the mill is loaded into the furnace cleanse of sulfur the molten iron is poured into the mouth of the furnace in a pulpit 200 feet from the fiery metal the furnace is rocked stirred and monitored with computer-assisted precision.

High purity oxygen is blown into the furnace at supersonic speed through a water-cooled lance like a giant cutting torch the oxygen Lance raises the temperature of the iron to nearly 3,000 degrees burning off yet more impurities in the iron and melting the scrap in some 20 minutes the rage of the furnace Outdoor Screws having tamed the ions brittle strength rid of excess carbon phosphorus and silicon the medal has newfound power Metale is born having harnessed the energy of the Sun itself aka Metal's metallurgical chefs keeps entry of their bubbling recipe a sample from the molten bath is retrieved in the shops metallurgical lab quality control technicians analyze and record the composition of the metal before it solidifies final adjustments are made to the chemistry a vacuum degassing removes additional carbon this allows the seal to be drawn and shaped into such products as automotive parts special alloys titanium aluminum and manganese among others had special qualities for hundreds of different uses a lid insulates the molten brew during casting capable of lifting the weight of nearly 200 cars the crane operators delicate touch placed the ladle four stories high atop the caster a gate is opened at the bottom of the ladle.


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