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Metaverse Marketing: Four Key Stumbling Blocks Marketers Must Overcome

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The tech industry is filled with jargon and buzzwords, albeit one that has recently been making headlines is “metaverse.” The phrase has captivated the imaginations of almost everyone on the planet, from IT titans and venture investors to ordinary people.


The rise of digital assets and tokens is being fueled by people acquiring virtual properties or NFT art. While practically anybody can buy and hold digital assets in the metaverse, there are two key challenges: how to award producers of digital goods ownership rights and how to verify ownership of digital assets in the metaverse.

Concerns about security

Data privacy and security have always been a concern for customers in any online environment, despite the fact that corporations and organizations are continually modernizing their IT security systems.

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Unsatisfactory customer service

The VR and AR experience is now far from seamless, which explains (along with pricing) why adoption is still so low. One of the difficulties is obtaining high-quality, high-performance models capable of achieving the required retina display and pixel density for a practical virtual immersion.

Measuring is challenging

Last but not least, while some feel it will only be a matter of time until the analytics meet up, the measurement and monitoring that businesses have come to expect from other marketing methods is still lacking.

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