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mHealth devices for remote patient monitoring enable doctors to monitor the health of their patients outside clinical settings. This is touted as one of the biggest game-changers in healthcare. If a doctor can track the vital signs of multiple patients in real-time from a remote location, he can make medical recommendations without having to see the patients physically. Remote patient monitoring technology is especially helpful for elders and people with disabilities who can’t travel to the clinic all the time. The best part – it improves access to care since distance is longer a problem.


Medication management is a major problem in the United States. It is estimated that a lack of adherence to medication might account upto nearly half of the treatment failures in the United States. mHealth software for medication management go a long way in helping people adhere to their medication and finish the course on time. It is especially helpful for patients suffering from chronic conditions.


Finally, telemedicine applications are considered some of the best mHealth apps for patients as well as doctors. These connect doctors and patients virtually and eliminate the need for people to travel to the clinic physically. This makes quality care more accessible for people living in rural, underserved communities as they won’t need to travel far to receive specialist care.


Most experts agree that mobile solutions for healthcare can have one of the biggest transformations in healthcare. Its potential to address many challenges in the industry has many investors and entrepreneurs pouring money and resources into innovation. This decade is sure to experience disruptions in healthcare emerging from mHealth solutions



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