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Mice infestation is common phenomenon in Canadian homes because mice like to live with humans for obvious reasons, food and shelter. When outside starts freezing mice abandon outdoors and flee to the relative safety of human homes. Mice infestation can be in excess in suburban areas and homes that are located near fields, forests or thick foliage. Mice live off plants, fruits, nuts, seeds and insects found outdoors and all these disappear at the onset of winter and in human homes they find comfortable asylum that will provide food and shelter. You will find it difficult to negotiate with them because theirs is unauthorized entry and you won’t be able to find them easily if you are not an expert. However you can seek professional help like BBPP, the most experienced mice control service Vaughan and remove the infestation without creating a fuss.

Why you cannot control mice in your home?

Mice control is not meant for the novice and inexperienced because they are too fast to catch and too cunning to trace. You can feel their presence by several signs that they leave behind. If you find heap of mice droppings in lonely places, spilled cereals or seeds on the floor and the unmistakable stink of ammonia gas in the environment then it is certain that you have mice living with you in your home. if you match your athletic abilities with mice they will prove superior in every department. They are too fast, agile and acrobatic to catch manually but you will find the common clap traps effective against them. You can catch them only with cunning and scheming and devise plans like traps, bait stations and repellants.

The home remedies that may work

There is another highly effective mouse catching method that can work certainly in your favor. Blocking entries and preventing mice from entering your home. This is a good ploy to avoid mice infestation. You should thoroughly inspect your home interior and exterior for small holes or crevices along the wall, foundation and crawl spaces. Mice body is very flexible and they can squeeze through the tiniest opening by collapsing their bodies. By sealing entry points you can prevent a potential mice infestation. Making your home unattractive to mice is another strategy that could be successful in avoiding mice infestation.

Food smell attracts rodents and removing leftovers from table, sealing garbage bins with tight lid. Taking out trash bins away from home, and removing clutter from outside can make your place undesirable to mice. All the above said efforts are for pre-infestation period and not when. The mice have taken root inside your home and prospering as a colony.


You can defeat them only by cunning and tact. But even that could become useless when the mice population is estimated in large size. Setting traps all over your house and keeping vigil on them can be wastage of time for you. Because you may have too many household chores to perform. Your household activities come to a pause if you engaged with mice control that beyond control. Your best strategy to eliminate them is to call professional mice exterminators. Like BBPP, the best Vaughan Pest Control Service in the town and also for nearby towns. They will remove the infestation with multifaceted strategies that have found effective in mice removal. You can contact the pest control service. By calling the number 647-910-6315 or sending mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.



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