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Recently, Microsoft has come up with all the specific details about the Surface Duo. It is Microsoft’s upcoming foldable Android device, which was in rumors since October 2019. Now, they have taken a more proactive move. Microsoft is planning to launch its Surface Duo before the launch of the Apple iPhone 12.  

Although Apple hasn’t announced the launch date of the iPhone 12, there are speculations that it will launch on September 8 or September 15. Microsoft has planned to launch its product on September 10. 

Both devices will be seen as “Latest” devices. The iPhone could be seen as a repetitious smartphone, as Microsoft’s device is looking eccentric and much exciting. 

Apart from its distinctive factor, Surface Duo is a new player in the market. So, it creates a sense of excitement among buyers. In the battle of these two smartphones, Microsoft is seen as the underdog. It is safe to say that people will choose the iPhone rather than the Surface Duo. But who knows the future? 

Microsoft has to face several problems while going face to face with Apple’s device. It will prove very tough for Microsoft to compete with Apple. People know that the iPhone 12 will be cheaper, faster, and more reliable than the Surface Duo. So, Microsoft must build trust among the buyers if they want to fight against Apple’s smartphone. 

Reportedly, Apple has used A14 Bionic Chips in the iPhone 12. It might increase the competition in the market as A14 can improve 50% functioning of CPU and 40% functioning of GPU from its previous generation chip. Possibly, the performance of the A14 chip might beat the performance of Snapdragon 865, which is the fastest chip for Android devices. 

As per the official notification, the Surface Duo will run on a Snapdragon 855 processor. It shows that the iPhone 12 will outperform the Surface Duo. 

Most iOS users will go for the iPhone 12 because they are aware of the operating system of iOS devices. 

But the Surface Duo is going to be the most exciting smartphone. It is an Android device, and Android users will find lots of similarities with this latest smartphone. There are many questions in the buyer’s mind like:

  • How does a dual-screen work?
  • How to switch between full-screen apps to dual-screen apps?

These questions will be answered with the launch of reviews. But for reviews, you have to wait for further details or the launch of this smartphone. 

Microsoft has unveiled its product’s price. You need to pay $1399 for purchasing its smartphone. Surface Duo is not a low budget phone. You might find its pricing higher than Apple’s iPhone 12. Microsoft’s device has a dual display that is one of the most expensive components in this smartphone. It is the price of the base model of the Surface Duo, which will be available with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. If you need 256GB storage, then you need to pay $100 more. But you will not get NFC and 5G connectivity. If Microsoft included these features in this smartphone, then prices might hike. 

The major challenge for Microsoft is to establish trust with the buyers. Now, you can pre-order this smartphone. You will get your smartphone next month, and hopefully, the campaigning of Microsoft from October 2019 has built the foundation for their foldable Android device. Finally, you will see the clash of Apple’s and Microsoft’s products in September. 

Microsoft is hoping for a better return here. 



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