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A new product called Microsoft LTSC especially designed for business professionals is also arriving soon.

There is some good news for you if you love your job and you deal with Microsoft tools a lot. Microsoft unveiled the two latest iterations of Microsoft Office on February the 18th, one of which is a consumer-centric Microsoft Office 2021, and Microsoft LTSC, which will serve business-centric commercial customers.

Microsoft Office 2021 will be made available for purchase sometime later this year for the users of Windows and macOS. Akin to the marketing strategy for Microsoft Office, Microsoft claims that the products have been custom designed especially for those users, who do not want to use cloud-enabled Microsoft Office 365 products.

All the features, functions, and alterations in Microsoft Office 2021 have been kept obscure for now, but Microsoft LTSC (abbreviation for Long Term Servicing Channel) has been confirmed to have a dark-mode feature, accessibility enhancements, features called Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP for Microsoft Excel application. It is likely that all the above-mentioned features will be part of Microsoft Office 2021 as well.

The Verge has recently published a blog on their website, which makes it clear that users should not expect too many User-Interface changes with the new products. The dark mode is definitely an eyebrow-raiser, but many experts believe that Microsoft has all plans to embed all the high-tech features in Microsoft Office 365. It is a well-known fact that the prime priority of Microsoft is to transfer all the users of older versions to Microsoft Office 365.

The new product called Microsoft LTSC clearly reveals the fact that Microsoft has acknowledged the truth that not all of the users belonging to the business field want to work on a cloud-based product. Jared Spataro, who is head of Microsoft 365, has recently given an interview to The Verge in which he expounded on the idea of meeting the customers from where they are currently operating.

He did add that Microsoft has all the data that clearly indicates that many people have switched to a cloud-based product, but he did not fail to mention that there are still people who are very reluctant to use “cloud” for specific reasons.

The reasons include the fact that some industries are regulated where the employees do not have the luxury of altering apps and processes every month, and manufacturing industries, which are heavily dependent on Microsoft Office and are always in need of “locked-in” time release. It was revealed some time back that tech giant Microsoft is very committed and enthusiastic about the plan to create a perpetual version of Microsoft Office, which is likely to be released sometime in the forthcoming future. However, Microsoft has not been consistent enough on its price-tags, and how these new iterations would be supported.

It has been revealed that Microsoft LTSC will only be supported for about five years.

The cost of other products such as Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, and other individual apps have also inflated significantly. However, the charges for both the consumer and small businesses will not be altered for Microsoft Office 2021.

Source :- https://officecomsetup.a4setup.co.uk/microsoft-office-2021-is-arriving-soon-for-both-windows-and-macos/


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