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 The midface ratio calculator is an online tool that provides a convenient and efficient way to measure the proportion of the midface. To calculate the midface ratio, users are required to input their specific facial measurements, typically measured in millimeters. These measurements include the distance from the gnathion to the nasion and the distance from the nasion to the subnasale, which form the key components used in the midface ratio formula.

What Is the Midface Ratio?

The midface ratio is an important measure used to figure out how the middle part of the face relates to the entire face. It’s like a number that helps us understand if the different parts of the face are in balance and look good together.

People use this ratio a lot in plastic surgery and beauty to check how symmetrical and attractive someone’s face is. By looking at the midface ratio, experts can get an idea of how well the features on your face work together to create a harmonious appearance.

Midface Ratio Formula.

Midface Ratio (MFAC) = Interpupillary Distance (ID) / Distance from Pupil Center to Top of Lip (DL)


  • MFAC is the Midface Ratio,
  • ID is the interpupillary distance (in inches),
  • DL is the distance from the pupil center to the top of the lip (in inches).

To calculate the Midface Ratio for a given individual, you measure their interpupillary distance and the distance from the center of one pupil to the top of the upper lip and then plug these values into the formula to obtain the ratio.

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