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If you are not connected to the collective system, you will need to install a mini wastewater treatment plant. It's quick and easy, but maintenance should be regular and carried out by a  MB Reactor Sewage Treatment Plant companies in Saudi Arabia  professionals. A mini-wastewater treatment plant is considered an individual sanitation system. It must systematically be approved by the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment. Mini-purification stations pre-treat and treat the water. This type of system works by de polluting thanks to microorganisms. This is, therefore, an ecological and natural solution. Colonies of microorganisms that will degrade the polluting constituents of wastewater are generated by an air generator.

In fact, there are two types of mini-treatment plants: free-growing plants and fixed-growing plants. In the case of the free culture mini-station, bacteria are present in the water and the mud; they are in suspension; conversely, the fixed culture mini-station, as its name suggests, is made up of bacteria fixed on an element. The objective is to treat wastewater efficiently enough to be able to discharge it into the basement or reuse them for underground irrigation.

What are the main compensation and disadvantages of a small wastewater treatment plant?

Investing in a mini-wastewater treatment plant has many advantages but also some disadvantages. To begin with, the first benefit of a mini-sewage treatment plant is that it does not produce bad odours. This type of installation does not take up much space. Allow a little less than ten m² for the installation. The installation of a mini sewage treatment plant requires different skills. It includes various works: design of plans, earthworks, connection materials, ventilation, backfilling, installation of the device and connection with the water systems of the house.

By bringing in a mini-sewage treatment plant installer, you will have the assurance of having the work carried out in accordance with the rules of the art, but also of having an advisor who will support you in your administrative procedures. Before hiring a company to entrust your project, it is important to be familiar with all the expense items, starting with the purchase of the device.


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