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Does it seem like large pores stare back at you every time you look in a mirror? If you’re wondering how to minimise your pores while maximising your glow, you came to the right place, but first, why do pores appear to get bigger with age?

Conspicuous pores are a common complaint as people age. Their appearance differs from person to person and depends on several factors, like genetics, skin type, exposure to sun, and age. Genetics primarily determines your pore size. So, if your parents have larger pores, chances are you will too. As your pore size is mainly a result of genetics, you can’t permanently shrink them, but you can minimise their appearance with a few simple steps.

Follow a Consistent Skincare Routine

Pore openings allow sweat and sebum or oil to exit from glands onto the surface of your skin. Whilst you might not be able to shrink pores instantly, you can cleanse your pores to remove any oil and debris that makes them more noticeable. Covering your face with makeup may have a temporary impact, but this will only clog your pores more. You can tighten pores using a consistent skincare routine that thoroughly cleans your skin. Consider adding a gentle salicylic acid cleanser to your skincare routine that lathers away excess oil, shine, and impurities as it exfoliates dead skin that clogs pores. A foaming salicylic-based gel cleanser removes makeup and dead skin cells, keeping your skin smooth, soft, and radiant for a healthy glow.

Apply Sun Protection

Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. UV exposure and pollution result in free radicals that may break down the collagen and elastin in the skin—the building blocks of the skin. Loss of collagen and elasticity make the skin less tight and the pores appear more prominent. Many sunscreen formulas are shiny, making pores look more prominent but an SPF moisturiser delivers essential sun protection while helping prime and protect the skin while minimising shine. The result? A beautiful, soft, matte finish for a subtle glow you’ll love.

Use an Anti Ageing Serum

Serums can promote collagen production and increase cell turnover to reveal smoother-appearing skin. An anti ageing serum addresses multiple concerns, including wrinkles, lack of elasticity and dryness. Look for a serum with a targeted firming peptide to tighten the skin’s appearance, minimise pore appearance, and promote youthful skin. You also want an anti ageing serum with hyaluronic acid to help support balance and hydration for an even, radiant tone that will leave you glowing from the inside out.

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