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Mirror · Broken Army _ Cangyue _ txt Novel Paradise

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Don't think about where the end of the road is-just see one stop ahead, it's enough for people to go on. What I fear most is that I can't even see the station in front of me. Looking at the puppet master who laughed and talked to himself, Youhuang gasped and shook his head secretly. What on earth are you thinking. What on earth is this shark man thinking? With a beauty and strength that all living things envy, but so gloomy and capricious. If I had known such a torment, would I have flown to the lonely mountain with my companions to attend the rally? Rollo, they.. Have you returned from the western end through the vast desert now? She must still be complaining that as the leader, she left everyone behind and ran away with a shark man. Under the huge black wings, the bird spirit with a girl's face raised his head and looked at the western sky through the branches and leaves of the dense forest. The sky in the west is already completely dark. The deepest corner of the tomb is a wide stone step leading to a stone pool. The ten-foot deep shaft leads the spring vein under the desert to the ancient tomb. The spring washed away the wind and sand all over his body. He untied his hair and immersed his dusty hair in the water. Although as a legion soldier, he has a strong adaptability to life in any region of Yunhuang, but after all, the major general who has always been well-groomed can hardly bear his dusty and ragged appearance. In the sound of the water, Yun Huan heard the song of the herdsmen outside the tomb-has it started? As soon as his hand shook, he wrung out his hair, raised his arm to the edge of the pool and jumped out, as light as a leopard. Xiang. He opened his mouth and told the shark puppet standing on one side, “Clothes.” The Shark Girl handed over the military uniform he had taken off with an expressionless face. Not this one. Yun Huan sighed and looked at the puppet discontentedly-after all,tin beneficiation plant, it was a puppet, and she wouldn't have listened to a lot of things if he hadn't said them himself. He leaned over himself and picked up the white robe and put it on his body. It was the robe that the master had found for him. The herdsmen in the desert wore the same style as a bell. I don't know how long ago the master had worn it when he came out of the tomb and walked in the country of sand. After all, you can't go out to see the local herdsmen in the uniform of such a legion. When thinking of this, Major General's bright eyes darkened slightly, and he did not know what it was like. However, the hand is a moment without stopping,gold CIP machine, put on the robe, while beckoning Xiang to come over to help him tie the belt. Suddenly feeling a pain in his left shoulder, Yun Huan held his left shoulder with his right hand in surprise and found that there was a slight oozing of blood-what was going on? The shark puppet was still following his orders and covering his young and vigorous body with his robe, but Yunhuan stood there in a daze. This wound.. How can it recur? It's been more than a month, and it should have been completely healed, but it's cracked again? Holding the wound in a trance, he suddenly felt a slight tingling on his wrist, and when he looked down, he found that there were several spots of blood oozing from the white robe he had just put on. It's the wound left by the Shark Man! The blind puppeteer. At that moment, the eyes of the Imperial Major General suddenly changed. He could never forget what a terrible opponent he had met in Taoyuan County a month ago. It was a fight that had no advantage at all. The puppet master, who could tear the wind falcon with his bare hands, pierced his shoulder and wrist with such a thin fuse! For the first time in his life, Portable gold trommel ,small gold wash plant, he was defeated. Although he had just played against Xijing Brother before that and had a lot of physical exertion, to be fair, he knew that even when he was in the best condition, he still had no chance to win against such an opponent. What a terrible one that is. A shark man? With a huge dragon tattoo on the back. He stood there in a trance, letting Xiang wait on him to finish dressing. His brain was churning violently, and the cold light in his long and narrow eyes flashed-unlike his colleagues in the army, he often went to the Royal Library and read many books after military affairs. With his familiarity with Liuhe Shu, although he was not sure, he vaguely felt that the puppet master who met on the narrow road beyond the limits of the shark man or even the “man” might be the legendary sea emperor. After returning from the injury, he told Marshal Wu Peng about the suspicion before he went to prison. Strangely, Marshal Wu Peng did not have much reaction to it. Could it be that all the witches focused their attention on the appearance of the Emperor and were not interested in it? Dressed, but still thinking about those complicated things in his mind, Yunhuan walked towards the outer room. Not a sound. Looking out from the stone arch, the master sat quietly in his wheelchair and seemed to have fallen asleep. Did you fall asleep? At that moment, the Major General's heart missed a beat. He didn't care about anything. He immediately rushed over and held the unconscious woman in the wheelchair. He called urgently, “Master?”? Master worker As he called, he raised his eyes and looked around for the blue fox, but the little blue did not know where to go. In a hurry, Yun Huan pressed down the acupoint that the blue fox had bitten by memory, penetrating the shoulder well acupoint, trying to wake up the dead master again. Finger force just penetrated, suddenly felt an unusually sharp sword gas counterattack, his fingers bounced off. At that moment, Yun Huan realized that the master was breathing slightly-just taking a nap. Huan'er? He opened his eyes, looked up at the disciple on one side, and smiled, “How are you?”? I actually fell asleep. “The master is too tired.” Remembering the battle last night, Yun Huan lowered his head. “It's the disciple's fault.”. Always disturbing the master. “Where..” I'm glad you're back. Smiling and patting his disciple's hand, his pale face was tired and hard to hide. “After all, God let me see you again as a teacher-it's hard to say if I come later.”. This year, every time I suddenly lost consciousness, I was worried that I would never wake up again, so I was busy finishing some things to do.. It's just that you three brothers are far apart, and I'm afraid I won't see any of you. “Master!” Yun Huan suddenly looked up at her, suddenly remembered something, backhand into his arms to find something, and remembered that he had just changed his clothes,Carbon in Pulp, and did not wait to call Xiang to come over with a military uniform, he immediately got up and ran into the inner room. Careful! Watch your head! Mu Yan inexplicably looked at him suddenly jumped up, just worried to remind again and again. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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