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Mlm Binary Plan Software – commissions and bonuses? | Binary Mlm Business Software

Binary Plan is a popular compensation structure in multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. In a Binary Plan, each distributor is limited to recruiting two front-line distributors, and the structure grows as a binary tree. Commissions and bonuses in a Binary Plan are typically based on the sales and recruitment efforts of these distributors. Here’s an overview of common commissions and bonuses associated with Binary Plan MLM software:

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  1. Affiliate or Direct Referral Commissions: These are commissions earned when you recruit new distributors or affiliates. You earn a commission on the sales or purchases your directly referred members make.
  2. Joining Commissions: This is typically a one-time bonus paid when a new distributor or affiliate joins the MLM company. It may be a fixed amount or a percentage of their initial product purchase.
  3. Pairing Commissions: Binary Plans are structured around pairs of distributors — one on the left leg and one on the right leg. When there’s a match (a pair of distributors, one on each leg) in terms of sales volume or points, you earn pairing commissions. The commissions are usually calculated based on the sales volume of the weaker leg in the pair.
  4. Company Commissions: In addition to commissions based on your personal sales and recruitment efforts, some Binary Plans may offer company-level commissions. These could be paid based on the overall sales volume or performance of the entire organization, which can benefit high-ranking leaders.


  1. Regular Bonuses: These are often one-time or recurring bonuses that distributors earn for achieving specific milestones or ranks within the MLM company. They can be tied to sales targets, recruiting goals, or both.
  2. Royalty Bonuses: Royalty bonuses are usually earned by top leaders or those who have reached high ranks within the MLM organization. These are a percentage of the total company sales volume designed to reward and motivate the highest achievers.
  3. Custom Bonuses: Some MLM companies offer customized bonuses or incentives to motivate distributors. These can be tailored to specific achievements, such as sponsoring a certain number of new members, reaching a particular sales volume, or other performance-related criteria.

It’s important to note that the specific terms, percentages, and conditions for these commissions and bonuses can vary from one MLM company to another. Before joining an MLM company, it’s crucial to carefully review their compensation plan and understand how these commissions and bonuses work. Additionally, seek legal or financial advice if needed to ensure you fully comprehend the compensation structure and its compliance with local regulations.

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