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Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing are two of the most well known combat sports in the world that are popular not only among practitioners but also viewers. Not only are these sports a great way to stay fit and healthy but also are an effective way of self defense. Even though they have a lot in common, MMA and Kickboxing are two very different forms of combat sports. Mixed Martial Arts training and Kickboxing training are similar, however there are some key differences. So, what really is the difference between the two? Let’s learn. 

What Is MMA?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts which is a full contact sport that is gaining fame across the world. MMA can be defined as a combination of various martial arts forms. It includes different forms of martial arts such as wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu and even kickboxing. In MMA different types of strikes are allowed, for example a fighter can kick above and below the waist, you can also use knee throws and contestants are even allowed to use spinning back hand punches. During MMA training sessions practitioners are often told that they are allowed to pin down each other on the floor and the fight sequence can even take place on the mat. If all of this seems like your ideal kind of workout then look for mma classes near me and indulge in some training. 

Benefits of MMA

There are many benefits of Mixed Martial Arts ranging from making you more self confident to helping you be more self disciplined. Here are some more benefits of MMA that you should know.

  1. It helps in building self confidence.
  2. It makes you more self disciplined especially in terms of sleeping, training and eating.
  3. MMA has a belt ranking system which usually encourages people to give in their best and achieve their goals.
  4. MMA is also a way of self defense and while learning MMA you would also learn many self defense techniques.

What is Kickboxing?

In Kickboxing, as the name is suggestive the major moves are kicking and punching. Technically kickboxing is a type of martial art but the term can be used in two different contacts. Firstly kickboxing can refer to any combat sport which includes punching and kicking such as Savate, Muay Thai, Khmer Boxing, Burmese Boxing, Sanda, different styles of karate and even Indian boxing. But it is the second context that narrows it down and refers to Tu Japanese Kickboxing, American Kickboxing and Dutch Kickboxing. When it comes to American kickboxing it is very similar to full contact Karate. However, in other forms it includes knee strikes, elbows and low kicks. The primary focus in kickboxing is on striking using punches and kicks. If this is the kind of workout routine you want to get into and learn the self defense techniques through kickboxing, then look for kickboxing classes around you and join one soon.

Benefits Of Kickboxing

Among the many benefits of kickboxing are that it reduces stress and improves balance and coordination in the body. Let's learn more about the benefits of Kickboxing.

  1. Kickboxing improves coordination and balance and is really helpful if you are suffering from posture problems.
  2. Kickboxing burns a lot of calories so if you're trying to reduce weight and boost your metabolism then an hour of kickboxing will be great to tone your body.
  3. Kickboxing also helps in reducing stress as by kicking and punching you can enter a stress free zone.
  4. Kickboxing also boosts confidence as it releases endorphins in the body which give you a sudden energy boost.





Stands For

Mixed Martial Arts

Form Of Contact

Full Contact

Full Contact



Striking, Defense, and more

Moves Include

Kicks and punches and slight clinching.

Everything including punches, grappling, kicking and more.

Can Be Performed In


Cages, Rings and even on streets


Karate, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Khmer Boxing

Judo, Jiu Jitsu, shoot wrestling


Now you know about the benefits of and the differences between MMA and Kickboxing. If you wish to join Kickboxing classes or MMA gyms and be more consistent and want a more enthusiastic environment to learn these combative sports then do it with FITPASS- India's largest network of gyms and fitness studios that offers you the freedom to workout wherever and whenever you want. You can choose from 1,50,000+ workout sessions and 5500+ gyms and fitness studios across the country.



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