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Mobile dog grooming is becoming a trend right now among people, as they get busier and due to its convenience. When we talk about mobile grooming, several areas are coved while you enjoy the comfort from home. These include:

• Dog bathing

Nail clipping or trimming

• Dog spa for their wellness and many more!

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Importance of regular dog grooming!

Like how we maintain our skin and hygiene, dogs should also be taken care of, such as keeping down grease levels in their coat to avoid skin problems, brushing their coat to ventilate, and helping their coat's growth, timely nailing trimming, etc. Even puppies should be groomed with care. You will have to take your dog or pet to a grooming place to get these services done, but with the uprise of mobile grooming services, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Why mobile dog grooming in 2020?

Have you used a mobile dog grooming service to your advantage prior? If not, now is the time to try it out! While there are obvious benefits, such as not having to leave your home, there are numerous other ways mobile pet grooming can shape up you and your pets’ lives. Let’s look at some of them!

Convenience and Stress-free environment

All the services are offered in one-stop means considerably less stress for you and your beloved pet. For some dogs, such as ones with well-being and anxiety issues, or are elderly, minimizing that stress is vital in helping them stay healthy.

Special Personalized attention

When a dog groomer comes to you, a more personalized experience is offered at your place. Many dogs will feel uncomfortable or stressed due to traveling and moving away from their typical habitat. We can provide a dog spa setting with custom dog baths and high pet care standards as required, including nail clipping and trimming service.

No Cages

Mobile grooming will instantly eliminate cages! Why? Because we come at a pre-booked time and since we come to you, there is no wait and conflicts with other dogs or pets. So, no cages are required.

Keep your car clean

Many owners are reluctant to take their dogs in their vehicles even though how much you pet-proof your vehicle. Dogs that have not been groomed in a while can make your car messy. Using a mobile

groomer will eliminate all the hassle. We understand that car sickness can be a real complication when it comes to dogs.

Experience the ultimate Mobile dog grooming benefits today with Mobile Dog Grooming LA

Finding a trustworthy, fast, and reliable dog groomer is the most crucial part. Your dog should be taken care of as one of their own. By choosing a professional local dog groomer like Mobile Dog Grooming LA, you can rely on your pet being treated with extra personalized care. At the same time, you take advantage of being at home. We also undertake puppy grooming, which requires more attention.

If you have any questions related to mobile dog grooming and services areas, please feel free contact us at 818-272-9051


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