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Mobile technology has given us a lot of experiences and inventions that are leading a life a better way. However, every good thing has a bad side too. With the advantages that come along with mobile technology factors, we also have to face the disadvantages. Mobile technology is taking over not only the youngsters but also children as well as the young adults. No one can escape technology, especially because we have a smartphone today in all age groups. Whether you are a child or a senior citizen you might always be accompanied by a smartphone.


How is mobile technology affecting the behaviour of people?

Starting with the smallest things such as looking at a mobile phone each day tells it all. The moment we lose the track of our mobile phone we start to panic. If at all we have damaged a mobile phone we get frustrated because we cannot use it anymore. We decide to sell our cracked phone as soon as possible and switch to another one. This is simply because we cannot survive even one single day without a mobile phone. We have become so addicted to the mobile phone that we can notice instantly. People in all age groups have started looking for Mobile phones day and night. We cannot blame them as they also have to cope with the work or homework that they have received at their workplace. However, besides these many factors such as watching movies, and playing games are some of the most influential activities that get people addicted to their mobile phones.


Why does this happen?    

There are some cases in which individuals report serious depression and anxiety disorder when you take their phone away from their possession. So, maybe they are developing what we now recognise as technology addiction. The most addictive bull aspect of technology is social media accounts. With so many social media platforms today, it is hard to ignore each one of them. Each one of us is almost present on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even WhatsApp. We keep on scrolling and browsing throughout our free time or even while we are at work. This has become a reliable source for us to survive. However, technology was made for us to enhance our lifestyles and not for such a reason. In a way, if we see we have it in our own hands to turn the tables around. Technology can be used for advantage or we can let it use us and be at loss. All of this leads to a massive behavioural disturbance in children as well as young adults. Mobile addiction is a real problem and causes many people disturbances of the mind.

Mobile addiction harms people quickly and rapidly. Children as well as adults get addicted to their mobile phones and do not even realise it over time. Such kinds of people who cannot leave their mobile phone even for a second surely need to go for counselling.


How can we help it?

Counselling will help them to control this addiction or get over it within no time. Using technology appropriately must be the main goal for such people. One can also search about this addiction I know how to get it in control through the internet itself. Just have mentioned that you can use technology for your benefit or just be there at loss. You might be visiting the mobile repairing store several times because of your mobile problem technical issues. However, you must also do that for your health as well. No matter how much time it takes for you you must realise that there is a thin line between the healthy usage and heavy usage of your smartphone or other electronic devices. Using them continuously can harm you not only through physical aspects but also your mental health. For example, looking at the mobile phone for a long time can have your eyes because of the rays that come across. Similarly, it can also cause insomnia and headache which will be frustrating for you.



It is totally towards the perception that how we want to use the technology. Technology is a man-made aspect. We must know how to control it rather than letting it control us. We rely on a mobile phone for everything relating to your work or even entertainment. Simple ways of finding other activities that we can do in our free time that don’t include a mobile phone can be helpful. Just like the olden days when people used to pass the time by listening to music on the radio or by just simply reading a book or doing household chores. Also, going out for a walk and having a day without your cell phone can be a great way to detox.   


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