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Modern Groomsmen Attire Trends to Watch in 2024

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As weddings evolve, so do groomsmen attire trends. In 2024, groomsmen attire is all about combining modern aesthetics with personal style statements. From sophisticated suits to casual chic ensembles, groomsmen have more options than ever to express their individuality while complementing the wedding theme. Let's explore the top modern groomsmen attire trends to watch in 2024, ensuring a stylish and memorable wedding celebration.

Sophisticated Suiting Choices

Tailored Fits

Tailored suits are a staple for groomsmen in 2024. Opt for slim or modern fits that flatter different body types and create a polished silhouette. Consider classic colors like navy, charcoal, or even subtle patterns for added depth.

Mix-and-Match Ensembles

Embrace mix-and-match ensembles where groomsmen can showcase their personal style while maintaining unity. Mix different suit colors, textures, or accessories to create a cohesive yet individualized look.

Emphasis on Contemporary Details

Statement Accessories

Elevate groomsmen attire with statement accessories such as bold ties, patterned pocket squares, or unique cufflinks. These details add personality and charm to classic suits, making them stand out.

Layered Looks

Layering is key for groomsmen in 2024. Incorporate vests, waistcoats, or stylish outerwear pieces like blazers or bomber jackets that add dimension and style to their outfits.

Casual Elegance and Comfort

Casual Chic

For more relaxed wedding settings, groomsmen can opt for casual chic attire. Think tailored chinos paired with blazers or linen suits in light colors for a breezy and effortless look.

Comfortable Footwear

Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear options such as loafers, suede shoes, or even trendy sneakers for a modern twist. Match footwear colors with suit tones or accent colors for a cohesive appearance.

Personalized Touches

Customized Details

Allow groomsmen to personalize their attire with custom monograms, embroidered initials, or bespoke accessories. This personal touch enhances camaraderie and reflects their unique personalities.

Theme-Inspired Outfits

Tailor groomsmen attire to match the wedding theme or venue. Whether it's beachside elegance, rustic charm, or urban sophistication, adapt suits and accessories to complement the overall ambiance.


2024 brings exciting opportunities for groomsmen to showcase their style and sophistication through modern attire trends. From tailored suits and mix-and-match ensembles to personalized details and theme-inspired outfits, there are endless possibilities to create a memorable and fashionable look for groomsmen. Use these trends as inspiration to curate groomsmen attire that enhances the wedding's aesthetic and reflects each groomsman's unique style.



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