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Modern Milkman Referral: FAISAL NISAR for £10 FREE

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Enter FAISAL NISAR in the ‘been referred by a friend’ box during checkout and get £10 off your first 2 week order at Modern Milkman.

If you thought the sound of milk bottles clinking outside your front door at dark o’clock was a thing of the past, think again. The Modern Milkman is bringing the old-fashioned milk round into the 21st century and we couldn’t be happier. No more popping to the shop in our slippers when ‘someone’ had a late-night bowl of Cocoa Pops and used up the last of the milk. The Modern Milkman will deliver fresh milk, and all sorts of other goodies, straight to your home. What’s more, you get £10 off your first order by using our referral code: FAISAL NISAR.

Modern Milkman Referral

So what’s the Modern Milkman got that your 2-litre plastic bottle from Tesco Extra hasn’t? The answer is quite a lot. We’ll start with the premise of the company and that is to ‘return and reuse’. So their milk comes in the bottles you either remember from your childhood or have seen on nostalgic episodes of the nation’s favourite TV shows. Not only this but their eggs, soft drinks, yoghurts and the rest of their range come in recyclable or compostable containers. It’s a win for your stomach and a win for the earth.

Stumbling through the rain to get to the convenience store is so over. The Modern Milkman makes sure their deliveries are flexible enough to suit your lifestyle. And you can manage your orders online! That way you don’t have to wait at the front door with your modern milkman referral curlers in to speak to your delivery driver about getting an extra bottle. In fact, you can add or remove items from your order up until 8 pm the night before your scheduled delivery – it cuts down on waste and is kinder to your pocket.

The range of products is also impressive. No more family rows over who ate the last of the marmalade, just head over to your Modern Milkman order and slip in another jar of the good stuff. And if you prefer your breakfasts more on the continental side, you can order some croissants or a couple of pain au chocolat to bring a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your morning.

Modern Milkman Referral

Are you packing a lunch for the kiddies or maybe just yourself? If the answer’s yes, the Modern Milkman has you covered there too. They’ve got a lovely range of fruit and veg, bread, bottled water and a few sweet treats for when you’ve been super good. And if you need to save time on your grocery shopping, their new household range is great. They’re a company that can make us feel virtuous even about scrubbing our kitchen surfaces. They’ve got reusable spray bottles and tablets to put inside to make our homes super clean without the plastic.

What I love about the Modern Milkman is their transparency. They work with suppliers who you can ‘meet’ on their website. They have a list of the dairy farms that supply their milk and milk-based products and there are some lovely features on the suppliers of their other goods. It makes a difference when you know the location of the cows that provide your milk. It also helps to know where your household items are made, especially when they’ve been carefully created with the customer and sustainability in mind.

Modern Milkman Referral

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Simply add your details, choose your delivery days and fill your virtual basket with good things. And then let the Modern Milkman take care of the rest. And while meeting and greeting your milk delivery driver first thing in the morning isn’t essential, if you do run into them, don’t worry, they won’t mention your curlers.

Remember to use our referral code: FAISAL NISAR to get £10 off your first order and let’s see who can get the biggest milk moustache first.




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