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Website designs have a lot to do when it comes to inclining a user and imprinting the website in a user’s mind. The design of a website is affected by a variety of parameters, just like everything else related to technology.

In this post, we shall be discussing some of the modern web designs elements that every business should consider when opting for web design galway. In the end, we hope these points will change your reflection on some points and help you improve your web design.

Semi-Flat Design

Various large and small businesses have shifted away from realistic skeuomorphism and toward flat design. Any aspect that does not incorporate or provide the impression of three-dimensionality, such as shadows, is considered a flat design. The shadows that surround Fitbit's visual elements give them a sense of depth.

Mobile-Friendly Layouts

Because of the proliferation of mobile devices, your website must provide the same experience regardless of device type. With CLIQUED media’s, responsive web design ireland businesses get to rescale and resize items automatically according to the device used to view the site. In practice, this entails developing mobile-friendly websites based on the responsive web design philosophy.

Card Design

Designers and marketers have grown obsessed with cards as a result of the rise of Pinterest. Individual cards aid in the visual distribution of information, allowing users to conveniently digest bite-sized amounts of content. Users can choose which articles to expand by dividing up distinct pieces of content into cards. This contributes to the webpage remaining tidy and organized without relying on a lot of text.

Engaging & Responsive Hero Images

Imagery in ireland website design: what's the deal? Images that use the concept of above and below the fold should instead present a single point of view. Large photographs, regardless of the style, can help visually express your message without relying just on text. Medium is one of the best examples of a super hero image.

Unique Typography

Most businesses in galway web design employ a certain typeface or typography to assist their clients in instantly recognizing them as opposed to their competition. Designers have had access to a bigger number of fonts in recent years, making it easier for businesses to communicate their brands more precisely through typography.

Speed Optimization

Optimizing all elements of your site for speed is critical to driving conversions. PNG and GIF images offer higher quality and transparency, but are much larger than JPEG images. Compressing files hosted on your site can significantly reduce file size without any commensurate loss of function.


There are numerable web design elements to look for but the aspects enumerated above provide a solid foundation for developing stylish, streamlined, and fast websites. Modern web design necessitates regular evaluation to ensure that your site provides compelling visuals, engaging content, and a fully integrated experience for users across all devices. 


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