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Modifying a Leased Pickup Truck

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It's true—modifying a leased pickup truck can be done. However, it certainly comes with its share of risks. Read on if you're ready to upgrade your leased vehicle from interior to exterior and all things under the hood. We'll also provide essential tips to go about customization without risking losing that much-needed security deposit when the end of your lease rolls around. 

Check warranty-safe modifications

So you want to modify your leased pickup truck but don't want to be stuck with hefty fees when you bring the vehicle back? Don't worry- you can still customize your pickup truck and keep your warranty intact. Ask a qualified mechanic or dealership what modifications are allowed on a leased truck so that you can incorporate all of your creative ideas without extra costs looming over your head. We recommend researching safe options beforehand and making sure that any changes exceed current regulations – that way, you can enjoy the pickup truck of your dreams without worrying about hefty fines.


Avoid intrusive modifications
If you prefer pickup trucks, it's important to remember that heavily modifying them is a bad idea – especially if you're leasing your pickup truck. Intrusive modifications such as suspension lifts, engine tunings, and exterior styling can be costly to undo when the pickup truck lease ends and must be returned.

Generally speaking, leased pickup trucks need to be in the same condition they were when first leased. Making amendments or alterations could potentially terminate your contract and result in a hefty fee. So let this serve as a friendly reminder: unless the modifications are reasonably simple and removable, avoid heavy customization of any pickup truck that isn't owned outright.

Don't spend too much money on mods

If you've got a pickup truck that you leased, chances are you're already walking a financial tightrope. Don't make it any tougher on yourself by emptying your wallet on accessories you can't bring home when the pickup truck lease is finished. It's tempting to think of modifications as investments. Still, unfortunately, they never make up the cost of purchasing and installing them – not to mention the hassle of removing them at the end of the lease. Unless there's some creative leasing arrangement you can work out with your loan holder, save money and time by limiting what you spend upfront on your pickup truck mods.

Mods you can consider for your leased pickup truck

If you've recently leased a pickup truck but want to spice it up without breaking the bank or your lease agreement, check out the options below.


The wheels on your leased pickup truck are essential for many reasons. They're the first thing people notice when they see your vehicle, so it's crucial to ensure they're in good shape. You can also see them as an indicator of a vehicle's overall quality and value. The most common reason to replace the wheels on a leased pickup is that they're damaged or have worn out over time. They affect the resale value of your vehicle. If your wheels look old or worn out, people may not want to buy them because they might think the truck is in bad condition.

Invest in a set of reputable wheel brands like TIS wheels. They offer many stylish and durable rim options for trucks and SUVs. When your lease ends, you can always put back the factory wheels on the pickup and opt to take home your new set of truck rims. 


Most people don't consider upgrading their tires when they lease a pickup truck, but it's a good idea. If you're buying a new vehicle, you'll probably get the option of getting quality tires for free. However, if you lease a truck, you're stuck with whatever tires come on the vehicle at the delivery time.

If your current truck tires are worn out and need replacing, now is an excellent time to do so. Installing new tires right away will save you money in the long run because replacing worn-out tires can cost thousands of dollars over their lifetime. It can be critical if you own a business because it's difficult to justify spending that much money on something that lasts only a few years before needing replacement again.

If your current tires are in good shape but aren't performing well, consider upgrading them to better quality ones like Toyo tires and see how much better they work for your needs. This way, if there's any doubt about whether or not it's worth investing in better tires for your truck (and there usually is), you'll know for sure whether or not it's worth making the change now rather than later when it might be too late.

Exhaust system

If you've got a leased truck that has exhaust systems that need to be modified, there are two basic options:

  • You can get an exhaust system from the original manufacturer (OEM). It is usually more expensive than modifying your own system and may not match the design of your new truck exactly.
  • You can modify your own system by purchasing an aftermarket system or welding components from another vehicle. If you're looking for a good deal on an OEM system, you may be better off choosing option #1 above, even if it costs more in the long run.


Upgrading the grilles on a leased pickup truck is an excellent way to make your vehicle stick out from the rest. Many different companies offer these grilles, but they all do a great job of improving the looks of your truck without costing much money.

Think of what kind of grille you need. There are a lot of different styles and finishes available, so it's best to take some time and look through them before making a decision. Once you know what replacement grille you want, it's time to order it and install it yourself.


Upgrading the lighting on a leased pickup truck is not a difficult task. It is easier than you might think. Think about the different options available to you when upgrading the lighting on your leased pickup truck.

You also must know what kind of lights are installed on your truck. It will help you determine which ones need to be upgraded or replaced. If there are no existing lights, you will have to purchase new ones from an auto parts store or online retailer.

Once you know what types of lights you want to replace, it is time for you to start the installation process.


When it comes to modding your leased truck, there are things you need to consider that you wouldn't need to worry about with a purchased vehicle. However, all the options we listed above are still viable for those who want to customize their leased truck without causing any warranty problems or violating their lease agreement. So go forth and make your leased truck more personalized, but be sure to do it within the guidelines set by your leasing company.



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