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Mold Inspection 101: How Much It Costs and When to Get One

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Consider having a mold inspection before purchasing a new house. The cost will vary depending on the size of the house. How much does a house inspection for mold cost? How can you tell whether inspecting and testing for mold is worthwhile?

A mold check may be necessary for several different circumstances. Let's examine the necessity for a mold inspection, the purpose of mold testing, and the usual costs.

What is mold?

Mold is a fungus, and all fungi prefer damp environments. Mold spreads by exuding spores floating in the air and touching a surface. Mold spores can be found both inside and outside of your home. With a sizable industrial clean room filtration system, it would be easier to eradicate all mold spores from home.

Fortunately, mold only develops when mold spores touch a damp surface. This implies that you can prevent mold issues if you can keep the interior of your home dry. Cleaning up spills, repairing roof, plumbing, and HVAC system leaks, and ensuring that your kitchen and bathroom are correctly venting moisture out of the house are the best ways to avoid mold growth.

Mold affects the surface it grows on and may worsen allergies or asthma. Therefore, it is essential to clean up and eradicate any mold that is present in your home. 

When should you call in for a mold inspection?

There is one benefit to mold: if you can see it, mold is present in your home. Mold is developing and dispersing additional spores if you notice it in the crevices and corners of your walls. Remember that mold can also develop in areas you cannot see, including in your ducts or the spaces between your walls. Moreover, this could produce imperceptibly small colonies. A few circumstances must prompt you to check your home for mold issues.

Water damage

You should check for mold if your basement flooded, your roof leaked, or a busted pipe splashed water all over the kitchen. Any area that became wet and did not dry out right away (within 24 to 48 hours) might develop mold contamination.

Purchasing a new home

Determining what water damage may have occurred in the home you intend to purchase is impossible. A mold examination is the only technique to determine whether mold is present.

If your home hasn’t been lived in for some time 

When a house is closed up and uninhabited for months or years, dampness may have accumulated within and led to mold growth. This is a particular issue in hotter regions with high humidity.

After you’ve had mold remediation done 

Regular mold inspections are a good idea if you have already taken the often expensive and challenging steps to deal with a mold problem to ensure that you have completely eradicated it.

You see mold in your home. 

Make sure you locate all of the molds in your home by doing a mold inspection if you see any green, blue, black, or white growth. It might not be confined to a single area.

Mold inspection vs. mold testing

If you search for mold online, you can find a variety of services and prices that include both mold testing and inspection. Mold inspection only serves to confirm the presence of the problem and generally quantify its scope, often in terms of square footage.

Mold inspection and testing zaims to determine the precise type of mold present in your house and the number of mold spores in the air. Mold testing kits aim to do just this. 

Nonetheless, bear the following in mind:

  1. Results will frequently fluctuate from test to test, regardless of remediation efforts. Creating the highly controlled circumstances necessary to conduct an accurate scientific mold test in a home is difficult.
  2. Second, mold tests typically produce a broad list of species, most not growing in your house. This is because mold spores from the outside migrate into all indoor locations.
  3. Finally, no standards are established by the EPA for the allowable mold or mold spores in a home. For this reason, organizations like the New York State Department of Labor concur that mold testing is only sometimes helpful and advise hiring a specialist to examine for expanding colonies. Be aware that some mold inspections and tests also involve testing or sampling for mold, especially in jurisdictions where this is mandated by law.


Mold removal is a process that almost every homeowner goes through. It’s almost like a rite of passage. However, most homeowners don’t know when to call in the professionals and what exactly they do. This article will help you in the long run: to get acquainted with the mold inspection and testing processes. 

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