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Mold Removal and Restoration in Draper

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When mold has been removed, the restoration process begins. The first step is drying out the home or business and removing items that have been affected by mold.

It is also important to ensure that any moisture problem has been fixed so that the area cannot grow again. This includes fixing any plumbing leaks and ensuring that the area is completely dry.

Once the moisture problem has been repaired, a thorough cleaning of all the surfaces in the room will be necessary to remove any remaining mold or dampness. This can be done by either a professional mold removal draper company.

Clean the surface with a solution of standard bleach mixed with water to kill and remove any remaining mold. The bleach mixture can be applied to non-porous surfaces such as walls, wood furniture, and carpets.

If any porous materials have been affected by mold, the items may need to be thrown away or sent for specialized cleaning.

After all contaminated materials have been cleaned and dried, you will need to test the air quality in the room to make sure it is safe for everyone to live in. This can be done by using a home-based air quality monitor or hiring an air-quality professional to come in and do a complete air quality analysis.

If the air quality is good, and you are able to live in the home or business without any physical symptoms or aggravated health complaints, the mold problem should have been fully resolved. If not, then it is possible that additional mold growth has occurred, which will require further remediation.



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