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Netflix’s show Money Heist is one of the most popular shows around the world. The show was initially being canceled, and now the show is a successful show on Netflix. Now the team has begun shooting for the fifth and the final season. And the news started speculation about the next season. There are many things fans would love to see.


Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama TV series, named initially as La casa de Papel (The House of Paper) created by Alex Pina. The series includes two well-planned heists by the character of Professor, played by Alvaro Morte, one of the Royal Mint of Spain, and another one is Bank of Spain. The series received several awards including the 46th International Emmy Awards for best drama. The show was filmed in Spain, Madrid, Italy, Panama, and Thailand. And now the most awaited fifth season will be released next year. Here is the list of some sequence fans would and wouldn’t enjoy.

Alica Turns In The Professor (Don’t Want)

The fourth season of Money Heist ended with Alicia found the Professor and put a gun to his head. The Professor is one of the interesting characters in the show, and the audience has witnessed his intelligence in the show. And if Alica turned him in, there would be very limited options for the Professor to do.

More Julia (Want)

In the last season of the show, the new character was added to the series, Julia. She was silent the whole season, but she seems an interesting character, but the show barely utilized her. Whenever she popped in a scene and warned other team members, she was fun to watch. Julia seems the most controlled levelheaded member of heist and fans would love to see the broader role of her in the season.

Helsinki And Palermo Romance (Don’t Want)

Helsinki is one of the most compassionate members of the team. On the other side, Palermo is an egocentric loud-mouthed man and opposite to Helsinki. The only similarity these two have is that they are gay. And they did “boom boom ciao” together, but Palermo used to treat Helsinki horribly. At the end of the last season, the filmmaker tried to give Palermo a touching moment with Helsinki. But they both should not be together. As Nairobi used to say, Helsinki deserved to be loved.

Insight Into Tokyo’s Past (Want)

Tokyo is one of the exciting characters of the show and also the narrator. However, the show has shown us some of her past life before joining the Professor’s group. The show has revealed the insights into the characters, including Palermo, Berlin, and The Professor. The audience would also like to watch the glances of Tokyo’s past life. What led him to become who she is and what she was like before.

Monica Becomes A Leader (Want)

The character arch of Monica’s character has been impressive. Initially, she was a woman with little power and control in her life to a woman who fights and takes actions for what she believes in. Monica is a valued member of the clan. She even stepped up to take the chargers of Nairobi’s responsibility. The audience would love to watch her character grow more in the journey and become the leader of the group in the next series.

Lisbon Clashes With The Group (Don’t Want)

Lisbon has minimal screen time with the heist member. And whenever they shared the screen, there was tension between them. In the first season, she was against the Professor and the team; and for obvious reasons, they have hard feelings. In the last season, Lisbon entered the Bank of Spain in the middle of the heist, and there is a possibility that it could backfire. Due to the current lack of leadership, she could try to take control to meet resistance for the group.

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