Monitor Your WordPress Website Server Downtime and Uptime

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Do you need an easy way to check the uptime and downtime of your WordPress hosting? Here are some  reasons why you need tools to do the job for you. Click to read. 

If you wish to learn how to monitor uptime, downtime, and performance of your WordPress, then you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll also discover some of the best uptime monitor tools. To mitigate any unnecessary damages that have been causing downtime, you need to consider taking an initiative to learn at least the basics of the concept.

Uptime monitoring helps you check that your website remains online and available permanently. It provides you with the history and overview of your website and domain’s availability. Whereas, uptime monitoring tools are used to receive alerts instantly when the system or the website goes down. Usually, uptime monitoring systems include monitoring website performance.

Website Server Uptime Monitoring In Details 

Website Server Uptime Monitoring helps to track all website outages. The tool notifies you instantly if your website faces downtime even for a second. This way you remain updated about your website all the time. Many WordPress hosting companies offer a 99.9% server uptime, while a few times things don’t go as promised. The biggest sign that you need to upgrade your hosting service is that the servers go down very frequently. And they remain down for several minutes and hours.

Why Do You Need To Keep A Tab On Server Uptime?  

Users often trust their WordPress hosting services blindly, so much that most of the time they are not even aware that their website is experiencing a downtime. Now think about the consequences if this happens during holidays or in the middle of the night. But, if you’re thinking about what is so important about having a WordPress setup service, well, here are reasons that specify keeping up your website reputation and user experience. 

  • Downtime means loss of money: the more time your website remains inaccessible, higher are the risks of inevitably losing your potential revenue. 

  • To maintain brand reputation and user experience: a website experiencing downtime means the doors for your customers are closed. Although you’re not doing this intentionally, it might create a bad impression on your potential customers ultimately causing you the loss. 

  • Influence on search engines: if your website remains down most of the time, it  may affect your search engine influence as your site will be assumed as insignificant or one that lacks consistency. Usually, sites that fail to maintain 24×7 uptime are penalized. 

Obviously, you cannot keep refreshing your monitor to check if your website is up or not. Thus, you need to have some tools that automatically monitor your server uptime. These tools will promptly send you notifications and alerts via SMS or email whenever your server is down. 

Let’s look at some monitor server tools included in WordPress care plans and otherwise. 

1.Uptime Robot 

It has both free and paid plans to monitor. The free plan checks the website every 5 minutes. The paid plan checks your website every 60 seconds. 


It is a performance monitoring tool that allows WordPress setup service of your website. Pingdom is a paid tool which is robust in offering uptime monitoring service real-time. 


IsItWP is the tool that provides you information if your website is really down or you’re just facing some internet issue. To know immediately, use IsItWP’s uptime checker tool.

Book Your WordPress Care Plans

If you want to install a tool to check the uptime or downtime of your site, go for it. But, if you need something extra than just checking the status, it’s your sign to book a WordPress Care Plan. 

At 465-Media, you get a range of features in the care plan. To know more, contact our experts. 

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