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When is a watch more than “just” a watch? For a lot of us, when we wear a watch, we wear it on the wrist. It’s a timepiece we rely on throughout the day. However, a watch can also be an object of fashion. It can be an accessory or a piece of jewelry that really makes a statement.

It all comes down to how you choose to style it—and wear it. Take, for instance, Taylor Swift at the 2024 Grammys this past February. Sharp-eyed Swifties already know where this is going. She donned a black choker. But it wasn’t any choker. It was also a watch!

For a lot of fans, it was the start of a new trend. The choker has already been making a comeback. But a choker with a watch dial? We’re here for it! The question is, now, how will you style your gold watch for women? You can make a statement by featuring a watch in your own bold necklace or with a matching bracelet. Are you all-in on the watch choker (or necklace) movement?

The Watch as a Bold Necklace

Let’s talk about the watch as a choker or necklace for a moment. Is it practical as a timepiece? Maybe not so much. But that’s not the point. It’s about cultivating your look and accessorizing your outfit.

A watch dial can be a stunning centerpiece. Whether it’s a diminutive gold-toned watch dial hanging from a gold necklace or a square watch dial at the center of a choker, it can define your look without taking anything away.

It’s also a statement piece. It defies the ordinary. You can start with a timeless necklace or choker and turn it into something memorable—just like Taylor Swift did at the Grammys. Once you remove the watch bands or bracelets, it’s easy to wear your watch however you want!

The Watch as a Stunning Piece of Jewelry

Some watches truly lend themselves to functioning as stunning pieces of jewelry. There are brilliantly gold-toned watches that sparkle under the light. Some watches feature striking crystal or jeweled designs.

These design choices can make a watch stand out as a piece of jewelry on its own. Taking this a step further, you can find select watches that come with an additional matching bracelet. You can don your gold-toned watch and effortlessly pair it side-by-side with the accompanying gold-toned bracelet.

But wait—it gets better. Because the accompanying bracelet matches your watch band, you can attach the two pieces together to create an entirely new piece. In this instance, it’s a necklace. What’s more stunning, the gold shine or the sheer versatility?

The Watch as the Ultimate Accessory

Is a watch the ultimate accessory? As we’ve seen, there are plenty of styling options out there. You can find a sharp and sophisticated analog watch for men or women. Or if you want something that will catch everyone’s eye, search for a watch adorned with fine crystals. The sky’s the limit.

Perhaps a pop of color can help your watch be the perfect match for the rest of your outfit. Imagine wearing a dazzling gold watch for women featuring an eye-catching red leather band. It’s an excellent accessory that complements your red heels and red lipstick to make a captivating statement. It brings your entire look together—and leaves the crowd stunned.

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