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Hey to-be mommies! It is definitely the best feeling to become a mother, and you must be excited about it, but don’t forget that it will lead you to face a lot at the same time. No doubt, pregnancy is the best feeling in the world for a mother, but it doesn’t mean all the experiences and feelings are joyful and enjoyable. Yes, it is a fact that pregnant women go through a lot, such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, etc., just to bring a little soul into this world. Therefore, it is essential for pregnant women to always remain in touch with their doctors so that proper care and medication can be ensured. Make a regular visit to the best maternity hospital near you. If you are from Ahmedabad or near Ahmedabad and are looking for the best maternity hospital in Ahmedabad, then you must visit Diva Women’s Hospital. We have a team of well-experienced gynecologists available 24/7 for their patients.

One of the most common problems faced by women during pregnancy is experiencing “morning sickness”. This is not the biggest concern with chronic diseases as it only lasts for a week or months in some cases. Read this blog carefully if you are also experiencing the same issue and looking for alternative remedies to deal with it.

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How Do I Manage Morning Sickness?

Well, you can do anything, you brave moms-to-be. We all know that being pregnant is not easy. Here are some tips to cope with morning sickness.


Morning sickness is caused primarily by surges in hormones and low blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is essential for pregnant women to have a proper diet and drink to stay away from nausea and to feel healthy during pregnancy. Generally, protein effectively helps in maintaining sugar and blood pressure levels, so make sure you are getting plenty of it. Have a proper diet throughout the day to feel better and healthier.

Salty, starchy snacks

Salty and starchy snacks can cause stomach upset, but they can also help to lift your mood during the first trimester. You can eat potato chips, goldfish crackers, or butter toast bread as it will help you deal with morning sickness and hunger. You can also keep a number of rich protein snacks near your bed so that you can have them right the moment you wake up and in the middle of the night.


During pregnancy, ginger helps in controlling vomiting and nausea and also aids digestion and the flow of saliva. As a result, pregnant women should consume ginger, especially during the first trimester when morning sickness symptoms are more severe. Ginger also aids in the relief of bodily pains such as leg cramps and backaches. Try ginger tea, ginger snaps, and ginger lozenges to effectively deal with morning sickness. Consult gynaecologists near you when nothing works and you feel exhausted and sick throughout the day.


In general, lemons and other citrus fruits are beneficial to consume during pregnancy as they contain many essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. This helps and supports mental health and the baby’s growth while reducing sickness and nausea as well. Also, lemon wonders are not just limited to ingestion, as they also help to take the edge off of nausea for some pregnant ladies.


B6 helps pregnant women relax their nervous systems while also increasing their energy levels. Visit Diva Women’s Hospital to learn more about how you can take care of yourself and your unborn child effectively and more efficiently. You might be taking some prenatal vitamins, but you can also add a B6 supplement to your daily routine diet to deal with morning sickness.


Acupuncture during pregnancy is generally considered safe during pregnancy if performed with the assistance of a licensed practitioner with experience treating expecting patients. Acupuncture arouses your nervousness to prevent the vomit receptors in your brain and re-regulates your gastrointestinal processes. This helps in improving various discomforts that women face during pregnancy.

Sea Bands

This also works as acupuncture, inhibiting the vomit receptors in your brain that help you feel better and healthier during pregnancy. You can also wear them 24/7 to improve focus and to deal with various different kinds of feelings that arise during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy.

Essential oils and medication

You must use some essential oils if lemon works wonders for you. Try peppermint, as this is another remedy for an upset stomach. If the herbal remedies are not working, then you must consult your gynaecologist as he/she may combine some essential tablets with the medication you actually require.

If you are pregnant and seeking relief, then make sure you take prenatal vitamins and supplements on time as per the guidance of your doctor. Get in touch with the best maternity hospital near you if you start seeing signs of dehydration such as headache, dark yellow pee, rapid breathing, and light-headedness. Don’t wait too long and seek medical attention immediately. Visit Diva Women’s Hospital today to get the best maternity services in Ahmedabad. We have a team of experienced doctors and nursing staff available 24/7 for their patients.

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