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1. Demand for fitness centers in Morocco is mostly driven by Increasing Local Gyms and Fitness Centers, a Variety of Service Offerings, Specialized Fitness Programs, and Demand for Water Training.

Morocco Fitness Services MarketThe fitness industry in Morocco was once dominated by the wealthy and expats, now a new wave of local gyms and dance and martial arts studios are emerging to serve a fast-rising number of young, less affluent fitness enthusiasts. Major fitness chains such as Passage fitness offers a variety of wellness options such as sauna and spa with a barbershop, restaurant, sea access, child care, and more motivating people to join fitness centers. Specialty fitness programs that focus on a particular style of exercise, piece of equipment, or even philosophical approach are exploding across the country. Additionally, some focus on interval training, Pilates, stationary bicycles (spin), or any number of other training. Moreover, demand for Water Training recently emerged in Morocco, as a few centers with Water Training opened across Morocco for instance Aqualine Wellness in Marrakech. These centers include fitness activities such as water bikes, water running, water step, and water aerobics.

2. Gyms and fitness centers focusing on various memberships plans for their fitness enthusiast customers contributed to the majority of the market

Morocco Fitness Services Market RevenueThe Fitness market has a direct impact on the economy in terms of revenue and employment generation in Morocco contributing a significant amount to the GDP. A high proportion of part-time employment also characterizes it with the majority of staff employed on a casual or part-time basis. Fitness Clubs in Morocco have redesigned memberships and pricing to offer more flexibility for members who are exercising in multiple ways and to optimize retention and average revenue per user.
Yoga has grown in popularity among Moroccans in the past several years, with various yoga workshops sprouting up in major cities like Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech. An increasing number of yoga studios have been opened in Morocco, accompanied by international yoga events held across the country. Fitness Clubs in Morocco have redesigned memberships and pricing to offer more flexibility for members who are exercising in multiple ways and to optimize retention and average revenue per user.

3. Morocco Government has launched various programs, in attempts to encourage increased physical activity among the population through personalized schemes

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The government of Morocco has launched initiatives that will play a key role in promoting the well-being of the people of the country. The government aims to increase community awareness about the importance of physical activity and boost the community’s capability to adopt healthy lifestyles, create a supportive healthcare environment, and encourage the involvement of local communities and civil society organizations in the promotion of health awareness programs. The federation also focuses on establishing aerobic and fitness sports in schools, encouraging the opening of clubs in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the scheduling of regular activities, as well as creating a program for working women at home, to allow them to be physically active in their own time and space.

4. The fitness market has an impact on various industries such as fitness equipment, construction, real estate, clothes and footwear, and technology.

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The fitness market has a ripple effect on other sectors such as the fitness equipment industry, construction, real estate, apparel, footwear, and technology. Moreover, high awareness of fitness and increasing disposable income along with sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules with the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a spike in the number of people working out from the home to avoid getting infected, thus fueling the adoption of in-home fitness equipment.

Fitness Machine, Treadmill & Cardio Equipment has dominated the overall fitness equipment market with Marrakesh and Rabat having the majority of health clubs and gyms accounting for extensive revenues in Morocco's fitness equipment market. Assuming a significant percentage of the population affected with lifestyle diseases goes to a fitness center, the estimated savings in direct health care costs from Morocco's fitness centers are high in the country.


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