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Most Accurate BP Machine to Self- Monitor at Home

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Nowadays, people monitor their blood pressure in their own house. This helps them in treating a health condition. It is better to keep the record of measurement after monitoring your BP at home, and your doctor can know from the record how your BP changes the entire day. Measuring and managing your blood pressure at home is a great start to maintain your health and know about your health condition using a home blood pressure monitor.


Features of best blood pressure monitor

You need a bp monitor or manual monitor to measure your blood pressure system at home. The right BP check machine should have the following best features to meet your needs. 


It is important to use the right cuff size BP checker machine. The size depends on your arm size. Accusure provides you with the right cuff size so that your blood pressure readings are not wrong. 


It should be easy to read the numbers on the monitor 


The device must allow you to hear your heartbeat using the stethoscope


How digital blood pressure machine helps? 

These days, BP check machines are popular and commonly used to measure blood pressure. It is also known as a digital sphygmomanometer and can read blood pressure without any help/assistance. This method of using a blood pressure checker at home without any medical assistance Is called SMBP or Safe and easy to use and pressure monitoring. You can read the ambulatory blood pressure easily with this device as it comes with a cuff and monitor. Blood pressure has to be measured in ambulatory monitoring for set times, and the cuff has to be worked for 24hours. You can accurately measure blood pressure at the convenience of your own house using a digital monitor unless you suffer from arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, or any other heart rhythm condition. 


Why should you keep s blood pressure device at home? 

The home BP monitor machine lets you measure your BP every day, which can prevent heart failure or stroke-related serious and sudden health complications. It can measure ambulatory blood pressure 24 hours, helps to treat masked hypertension, and lowers the risk of organ damage in your body. You can carry them anywhere you go, which makes them portable. It is extremely helpful to individuals who can’t visit a doctor to measure their BP, especially bedridden patients, old patients, and pregnant ladies. 


What things are to be kept in mind while measuring blood pressure using this device at home

  • Don’t smoke or consume caffeine thirty minutes prior measuring your blood pressure
  • Don’t walk or exercise thirty minutes before measuring bp
  • Before a BP measurement, empty the bladder 
  • While measuring your BP, don’t try to talk 
  • If you want to measure your BP again wait for at least five minutes before measuring again 
  • The cuff has to be wrapped around your upper arm. It is necessary to ensure that the cuffs are smooth and must have room for at least one finger to slip under the cuff


When should I contact a doctor? 

You should contact a doctor if you experience the following-

1) Very low or high blood pressure – 180/120mm HG or high pressure, 90/60 mg Hg or lower pressure 

2) Dizziness 

3) Anxiety

4) Blurred vision 

5) Severe headache 

6) Profuse sweating. 



It can be dangerous if you have high or low blood pressure and can cause serious health issues. A digital blood pressure monitor is helpful as you don’t need any professional help measuring your BP. The bp monitor machine provides you readings that can be consulted with the doctor to decide which medicines suit your condition. 



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