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Avatar`s success paves the way for new movie technology – 3D Technology. The year 2010 is very promising in the movie industry because the rise of 3D in movies on hdmoviesflix is inevitable that almost all movies are shot in 3D to put more emphasis on photography, visuals, and audio. The characters will look real while watching all the movements they make.

Top 10: Yogi Bear 3D

In this movie, you will be able to see the voice skills of Anna Faris and Tom Cavanagh (View and Report). To make it even more fun, Dan Akroyd is cast to finish off the characters. So far, many people and families are waiting for its release.

Top 9: Piranha 3D

If you watched the Piranha movies last year and enjoyed them, there is no good reason why you could not enjoy this one. The fact that it was shot in 3D is a good factor in waiting for its release. It can be a fun family film.

Top 8: Alpha and Omega 3D

A preview of this movie on moviesflix will show that this movie has romantic and playful parts. You will surely find this 3D movie perfect for family entertainment. A movie to watch for the whole family.

Top 7: Step Up

This is another product from Disney so you can expect a lot from this movie. A preview of this movie has revealed the fascinating 3D effects of the play with its magnificent structure and story. This can keep adults busy while keeping young ones smiling. The perfect duo Adam Sevani (Top 2) and Alyson Stoner (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) made this movie even more exciting to watch.

Top 6: Alice in Wonderland

Clearly, it is one of the most anticipated films of the year. As Johnny Depp plays the characters, expect something scary, but don’t forget that this one will look better in 3D. Your visual and auditory senses can truly distinguish between the effects of non-3D movies.

Top 5: Megamind

Once upon a time, Dreamworks brings another 3D movie that you will enjoy in the summer. You should have watched this amazing movie with its combined epic scenes and comedy scenes. Completed with 3D technology and actors including Brad Pitt, Will Farrell, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill.

Top 4: Despicable Me

Finally, Universal Studios has produced something new for viewers. Despicable Me is about an evil villain who has nothing but a plot to steal the moon. If you have never watched this movie, you just missed out on a lot of fun.

Top 3: Friday the 13th (Part 2)

Do you like camping with your friends? Watch this movie on movieskiduniya and you do not want to get into any of your escape routes. The title itself means something bad or something that will not happen when you leave your house on Friday the 13th.

Top 2: Shrek Forever After

The first Shrek films were so good that even kids can’t forget all the scenes. Now, Dreamworks even made it more fun for the family and attracted viewers using 3D technology to enhance the visual effects and surround sound.

Top 1: 3D Toy Story

This could be the last and last of the Toy Story series. Pixar set everything up in a beautiful setting that goes hand in hand with the sequel to the first toy Story series. Also, the use of 3D technology has made the movie very popular with viewers. People watching the first episodes have been waiting long enough for this. so, it is worth the watch.




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