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Most Common Myths of Derma Fillers in Dubai & Facts Behind Them

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Recently, you've been looking in the mirror at your mouth and the wrinkles around your lips and thinking if you should get any work done. Your next-door neighbor is vehemently opposed to derma fillers in Dubai and cautions you about the risks, yet your best friend extols its virtues. Which side are you on? You should do as much research as you can in advance of any medical procedure so that you can make an informed choice.

But before you can decide for yourself which fillers in Dubai are the best, you may need to cut through some widespread misconceptions about dermal dillers. Before we dive into the myths and facts of dermal fillers in Dubai, let’s get some basics cleared. 

What are Injectable Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers aid in reducing facial wrinkles and restoring the fullness and volume of the face. Our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat as we get older. As a result of the facial muscles being used more closely to the skin's surface, smile lines and crow's feet are more noticeable.

This loss of facial volume is exacerbated by the little stretching of the facial skin. Sun exposure, genes, and lifestyle are additional factors that have an impact on the skin on the face.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers in Dubai?

Dermal fillers in Dubai might be a viable option for you if you:

  • are in good health
  • Avoid smoking
  • Keep a good attitude and practical objectives in mind.
  • are dedicated to preserving healthy skin

The best course of action for some people may involve surgery, such as a facelift, brow lift, or eye lift.

Types of Dermal Fillers in Dubai

There are several different types of dermal fillers in Dubai. The most common types are:

Calcium hydroxylapatite

This kind of dermal filler is renowned for producing a highly natural-looking outcome, doesn't migrate, and seldom causes negative effects. Your risk of an allergic reaction is reduced, and no skin testing is necessary.

Hyaluronic acid

Your body naturally contains a chemical called hyaluronic acid. High quantities can be discovered in the fluid around your eyes and soft connective tissues. Additionally, it is present in various joint and cartilage fluids as well as skin tissue.

Polylactic acid

A synthetic dermal filler called polylactic acid is injected into your face to stimulate the body's natural production of collagen. A stimulator is the name given to this kind of dermal filler. To get the results you want, you'll probably require three monthly treatments.

With these basics of dermal fillers in Dubai cleared, let’s now tackle the myths with facts. 

Myth #1 – Won’t look natural

Products called fillers are used to restore the volume that aging causes us to lose in our faces. You will appear refreshed and natural if you go methodically and with strong aesthetic judgment. Unnatural results might occur if too much filler is used or if it is placed in the incorrect area. We advise seeing a specialist with experience with facial fillers for the best outcomes.

Myth #2 – Not corrective

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvederm®, Voluma®, Restylane®, and Belotero® make up the majority of the market today. If necessary, hyaluronidase can be injected into the filled areas to reverse them, usually within a few days.

Myth # 3 – It’s painful

A numbing substance has been incorporated into the packaging of many filler goods. Additional comfort is provided by topical numbing creams. Furthermore, micro-cannulas with blunt tips rather than pointed ones like needles usually cause less discomfort.

Myth # 4 – Replaceable with surgical facelift 

While fillers can make the skin appear “lifted” and add volume, they will never be able to match the effects of surgery, which tightens and lifts the deeper tissues while eliminating extra and sagging skin. In order to achieve the best outcomes in skin rejuvenation, surgery and filler volume restoration are frequently combined.

Myth #5: Long waiting for result

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, many fillers, including injections of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite, give you benefits right away. Additionally, a visit to the dermatologist's clinic might just take 20 minutes.

Myth #6: Needs multiple injections

More fillers are absolutely not better when it comes to quality. Some people are concerned that cosmetic fillers would cause unnatural swelling, such as the “trout pout,” or comically enlarged lips. By avoiding using too many fillers, you can lessen the possibility of that happening.


It can be daunting to select the best fillers in Dubai for you with all the myths and realities around dermal fillers in Dubai. Injectable fillers can offer natural-looking modifications to help you feel more confident about your appearance with the assistance of a skilled, experienced practitioner. The use of “off-the-shelf” fillers can be a quick office procedure that effectively improves many people's looks. These dermal fillers' dangers and adverse effects are very low and highly predictable.



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