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Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash in Pakistan

Hand hygiene is essential to our lives to stay healthy and prevent the spread of diseases. In Pakistan, there are numerous hand wash solutions available in the market, but finding the most effective one can be a bit daunting. It is important to select an appropriate hand wash that is not only effective in killing germs but also gentle on the skin. Unfortunately, not all hand washes on the market are created equal. Fortunately for Pakistani citizens, there are several high-quality liquid hand washes available that provide an effective and reliable cleaning solution. These products are designed to help keep your hands feeling clean and refreshed while also protecting you from harmful bacteria or other pathogens.

Liquid Hand Wash in Pakistan

Hand washing is an important part of personal hygiene. Liquid hand wash is now a common item found in almost every household, especially in Pakistan. WBM Care is a leading producer of liquid hand wash in Pakistan with antibacterial properties. The liquid hand wash offers superior protection against bacteria and viruses as it contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil, aloe Vera extract, and other essential oils. It also contains active ingredients, which help in killing germs on contact while being gentle to the skin’s surface.

Best Liquid Hand wash Available in Pakistan

  1. Foaming Hand Wash Rose & Avocado 
  2. Foaming Hand Wash Lavender & Almond 
  3. Foaming Hand Wash Apple & Kiwi 
  4. Foaming Hand Wash Coconut 
  5. Liquid Hand Wash Lavender & Almond
  6. Liquid Hand Wash Sandalwood & Jasmine
  7. Liquid Hand Wash Tea Tree & Rosemary
  8. Liquid Hand Wash Lemon & Green Tea
  9. Hand Wash Refill Sweet Dreams
  10. Hand Wash Refill Ever-Long Memory
  11. Nature & Love Hand Wash Rose 
  12. Nature & Love Hand Wash Lavender 
  13. Nature & Love Hand Wash Blood Orange 
  14. Natural Solution Hand Wash Blood Orange 
  15. Natural Solution Hand Wash Lavender 
  16. Natural Solution Hand Wash Marula Oil

Antibacterial Hand Wash in Pakistan

WBM Care Antibacterial Hand Wash is made of natural elements and essential oil, which have powerful antiseptic properties that provide long-lasting protection against bacteria. The gentle formula allows you to safely use it on your hands throughout the day, without any irritation or dryness. The natural ingredients also don't leave behind any unpleasant scent, leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling fresh for hours!

  • Maintain moisturized and healthy skin
  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and germs
  • Purifies and eliminates pollutants from the skin
  • Free of toxic substances and hazardous compounds
  • Energizing and natural fragrance


WBM Care Hand Wash is the most effective hand wash available in Pakistan at wbm.com.pk. It contains no harsh chemicals, has a refreshing scent, is mild and gentle, and moisturizes the skin. Therefore, it provides an excellent solution to those looking for a safe, healthy, and affordable alternative to other brands on the market. It is also easy to use with its convenient pump bottle design.


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