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Motivate Yourself To Join a Running Club

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The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai in collaboration with the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India to join a running club. Joining a running club can make you become a good runner, however you will have to put in a lot of hard work. There are times you would prefer running alone, but doing most of your runs with other runners has immense benefits. It can be hard to be motivated when running alone, shin splints, cold winters, boring playlists and sometimes getting up early in the morning can be the hardest part. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states to overcome these challenges, why not join a running club? Listed below are five reasons to join a running club.


There is no better motivation than running with the club members because there is always someone who is fitter, faster or races than you. It will motivate you to be committed while you are running with the group.

Also, when you are running a race or in a competition, you become motivated having your running club members around to support and cheer you up. Before the race, your club members are available to drill, run, and talk you out of the fear of losing the competition. They help you see what you cannot see about yourself as a runner, hence, becoming a good runner.


Consistency is critical because it is what distinguishes the best athletes from the rest. It has made the world's best athletes perform at a high level at all time. Consistent practising and training will make you become a better runner. If you are the type who has issues motivating yourself, a running club will help you to overcome it. Having regular training with your running club will make you consistent.

Learn From Others

Learning on your own is good, but more rewarding when you learn from others. Learning on your own may be hard, and many times people, when working toward a goal, take the time to reinvent the wheel when they do not have to. The point where learning from others can come in handy. Sometimes it is okay to reinvent the wheel, other times it is not.

While running in a group, you tend to exchange as much experience as you could from other runners in the club. There is room for collective wisdom, which is a great benefit of joining a running club. It is not a secret that runners passionately talk about running while they are training. When it comes to learning, we have two choices; we can decide to learn on our own or to learn from others.


One of the core benefits of joining a running club is that it makes you responsible. Responsibility will make you control your actions, feelings, and thoughts. It means recognizing that you have the power to make good and poor choices as a member of the club.

Being responsible also makes you dependable; you fulfil your running obligations and do what is essential; you do not make excuses for your operating mistakes or turning late for training. When your club members are counting on you, it becomes hard not to show up to your club training. Many people stop running or exercising in general because of a lack of responsibility.






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