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We're going to take a look at some it skins cases for the 2021 moto g stylus first i want to send a huge thank you to itskins for sending me these cases to review on the channel let's do this spectacular gadgets here is the moto g stylus 2021 it is still a great buy and here are the two cases that we're going to be taking a look at today here's a few features of the case's anti-shock 10 feet so spectrum clear spectrum clear but we will start with the spectrum clear smoke this is for moto g stylus case this case offers shock absorbing raised corners and it stays clear longer one thing i can't deny is the presentation of the packaging for this company is excellent very colorful lots of information that they give you as you see right here you have a little bit of everything that this case has to offer and then you'll notice down here it's just saying officially made for a motorola product for this particular case very very easy to get into the it skins packaging there is no knives needed this is a troll free packaging inside they give you again more details about the case.


And then they also let you know it is anti-microbial defense against germs and at the very bottom gives you warranty information just know you have within three days of purchase to go ahead and get that warranty the right side is the case a plus for packaging so here is a look at the itskin spectrum clear smoke edition of the case this is a very good looking case you can see all the protection around the sides so let's take a closer look on the inside you see all the shock absorbing protection that you have so let's go ahead take a look at the bottom you notice a wider cutout that's for the moto g stylus 2021 case and here is the moto g stylus still in great condition now let's go ahead and put the case on start with the top just go ahead and snap in all four corners the case is on feels good it looks good take a look at your camera protection that you have there also take a look at the up and down volume keys they are textured and feels really good nice wide open cutout for the fingerprint sensor taking a look at the bottom.


Let's see how easy it is to remove the stylus from the device and as you see i have no problem that cutout is wide enough and big enough to remove and replace the stylus the cutouts are perfect the left side remains free and clear very smooth at the top you have a small cut out for the microphone the most important thing is can this case protect your screen and as you see these corners and sides are very raised so you're getting great screen protection with the it skins cases now what i've noticed with these cases is that you're not going to get super grippy sides but you do have some amount of grip the next case is the spectrum clear transparent is also going for now this is exactly the same as the other case except for this is like extra clear instead of smoke so you get the same information same case same everything but i'll still give you a closer look so you can take a look and determine which one of these cases is for you again protection looks very cool looks very neat cutouts and everything are exactly the same as they were on the smoke so i'll go ahead and put the phone in and we can go ahead and take a look at it the screen protection that you get on these it skins cases is just ridiculous it's great protection.



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