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Motorbike Rental App Development – Know About The Costs And Key Features

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Most people love traveling around different places. Certainly, traveling is always a refreshing experience while visiting different places. Well, what about traveling on motorbikes? It is one of the most amazing experiences especially when you don’t own a bike or haven’t enjoyed traveling on a motorbike for a long time. Whether or not you own a motorbike, you still can enjoy riding them on a rental basis. Thanks to motorbike rental app development that helped launch apps that can help you get motorbikes for rent through simple clicks on your smartphone.

The motorbike rental apps have helped people rent bikes without the need to own one. You can rent the bike through an app and enjoy riding it to different places. Make bike riding fun and explore the places while enjoying the nature around. So, road trips will become affordable, convenient, and time-saving too.

If you are interested in knowing about motorbike rental apps, this blog would help you learn about the key features and costs of motorbike rental app development in detail.

Statistics of Motorbike Rentals Market Across The World

According to the statistics, motor-bike rental services have seen massive growth in the past couple of years.

  • 2013 saw a significant rise in public-use motorbikes with 700,000 motorbikes used for rental purposes
  • 2016 saw an immense boost with 2.3 million bikes used for rental purposes.
  • The motorbike rental sector saw a growth of CAGR 7.74% in between 2017 and 2021 and it is growing constantly.

The above statistics show the massive growth in the motorbike rental sector. This has inspired motorbike rental organizations to expand their business and invest in bike rental mobile app development to beat the competition.

We cannot deny the fact that rental mobile app development for motorbikes on rent is gaining momentum. So, let us learn about the features, cost, and other aspects related to the rental motorbike app development.

Vital Features To Be Integrated Into Your Motorbike Rental App


For any app to be successful, features play an integral role. The set of features you include in your app determines the performance of your app, so let us have a look at the set of features you need to consider for your motorbike rental app. You will have 3 different panels for your app :

  • Users
  • Drivers
  • Admin

Now, let us know about the vital features to be included in each panel.


  • Login/Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Multiple Bike-type
  • Book Now
  • Manage Bookings
  • Rent Your Motorcycle
  • Premium Motor-bike Section
  • Fare calculator
  • Easy Payments
  • Door-step delivery
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Set pickup points
  • Booking Cancellation


  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Motorbike Management
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Fares or Location-based charges
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Manage Payments

Other Features

  • GPS Tracking
  • Interactive Statistics
  • Rental cost calculator
  • Offers & Promo Codes
  • Payment Integration
  • Behavior-Tracking
  • Operational Zone Setup
  • Location Tracking

Tech-Stack Needed To Build A Motorbike Rental App


Choosing the right tech stack for your motorbike rental app is important as it determines the overall performance of your app. So, you need to focus on the right tech stack during white label app development for your motorbike rental business.

  • Cloud environment-, Google, AWS, and Azure
  • Mobile platforms – iOS and Android
  • Push notifications- Push.io and PushEngage
  • Payments- Braintree, PayPal, e-Wallets, Netbanking, and Credit/Debit Card
  • Database – MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra and Hbase
  • Real-time analytics- Spark, Cisco, Hadoop, Big Data, and IBM
  • SMS & Phone Verification – Twilio and Nexmo

Team Structure To Consider For Motorbike Rental App Development


Having a great team to work on your on-demand mobile app development project can help you launch a robust app.

Hence, hire efficient mobile app development services in the USA or in your city with an expert team of various tech professionals that includes,

  • UX/UI Professionals
  • Project Manager
  • iOS, backend, and Android developers
  • QA experts

Estimated Costs To Build A Motorbike Rental Mobile Application?

Certainly, one of the most common questions that may come to your mind while planning to build a mobile app for your bike rental business is the cost incurred towards motorbike rental app development. Well, it is not possible to know the exact costs as the final costs depend on several factors like :

  • Location of the developers
  • Features integrated into your app ( the price would be higher if you wish to include more features and it would be less for an app with basic features)
  • The complexity of your app
  • The platform on which you wish to launch your app (Android or iOS)
  • App design

So, the above factors along with many other factors would decide the actual cost to build your bike rental app. To get a fair idea of the cost you need to consider the above factors. Also, when you hire an expert mobile app development agency to work on your project, they will give you a quote to help you plan your budget.

Also, the time invested in completing the project determines the development cost. Whether you are hiring developers on an hourly or fixed basis also affects the overall costs

Final Words

After knowing about the popularity and growth of the bike rental sector, if you are thinking of building a bike rental mobile app to grow your business, then get in touch with a professional mobile app development company in usa that would help you sail through a smooth development process and get desired results. With a bike rental app, you can help people enjoy bike riding without buying one.

Apps On Demand can be your trusted mobile app development partner to help you build and launch a robust bike rental app in the market. Our team of developers has vast experience in building robust on-demand apps for different domains to help clients meet their business goals.

We analyze your app requirements and perform market research to know your competition. This helps us develop an app that caters to the individual needs of your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss your app requirements. We will help you start or scale your bike rental business swiftly.

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