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Motorola mobile parts are available in this mobile part online shop. The little cable right here flex cable is going to be connected right here with the battery so when you lift it up down here you have to be very careful and pry it up. Mobile parts with either your fingernail or a person then prying tool that you can wedge in there alright and then it comes right out alright so now to replace the LCD and mobile parts. Which is what we're here to do we're going to get the new LCD. which is right here and we're going to compare the Flex cables so we can know where the Flex cables mobile parts are going to go so already just by looking at this we can tell that this right here is the digitizer cable. Which goes connected right here and this being the LCD flex cable bends and connects right here alright so let's go ahead and disconnect that Motorola phone parts and we're also going to need to remove the motherboard out of the way so let's remove this yellow tape right here let's put the yellow tape here for now so we can reuse it this one too. The disconnect them disconnect the lift that up and flex cable disconnects and let's lift this up for the LCD cable and then this one comes out too all right.

The Mobile Parts Online Shop:

So now we're going to have to remove the motherboard so let's go ahead and find any screws that are holding it in. So there is a screw up here okay let's put that to this up and let's see if there is anything else now there isn't are so let's remove the motherboard mobile parts now you can lift it up and the motherboard comes right out alright so once you have that step out of the way you should be ready to replace the LCD I do recommend when you order the part or during the entire LCD assembly which comes with this metal back frame recommend you order the entire part as one. Because if you have to separate your LCD mobile parts from this metal frame it's going to be a lot more work and it could still be done but it's going to be more work. It might not come out as professionally as if you order the entire LCD glued with the frame.


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