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You heard it right! A premier city-based baker and confectioner now brings to you a whole assortment of French pastries that makes it hard for you to choose any one, as all looks brilliant and tastes equally good. Here in the heart of Glendale, CA, you can now find a popular bakery by the name of “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” that creates magic with flour, sugar and cream. Yes, it's all about their stylish creations and recipes that are bound to make you come back again for their ultimate baked delights. Starting from their cupcakes to cookies, tarts, pies, doughnuts, breads, Belgian waffles, chocolate layered & sugar coated candies and French pastries, it's all magical to the taste buds. You can choose from an assortment of items, such as custard cream ponchiks, hazelnut spread ponchiks, chocolate eclairs, cinnamon custard mini ponchiks, fruit puffs, fruit tart pastries, creme brulee, mix fruit cake, raspberry ponchiks, and the list goes on. There is so much to choose that you're literally confused, but eventually end up selecting your favorite pastry item.


Choosing from an Assortments of Freshly Baked Cakes & Pastries

It’s quite difficult to pick any one. There are so many new varieties on offer. All you local residents are blessed to savor such tasty French pastry Glendale – Art's Bakery & Cafe that is enough to salivate a tongue, just by the sheer sight of it. As a pastry lover, you can now go for buying the lemon meringue tart, cream puff, honey cake, fruit tart, chocolate cake, oreo ponchiks, raspberry ponchiks, raspberry pistachio tart, Napoleon with Walnuts, Yerevan, mocha cake, vanilla cupcake, micado, and so much more. All of these are affordably priced and taste heavenly. If you have a sweet tooth and want to experience something soft, sweet, smooth, fluffy and buttery, it has to be one of these lovely French baked assortments that can easily soothe your senses and satisfy your taste buds. This is why a majority of homes in this city are ordering such classic French pastries online, and getting a feel of the original recipes and cuisines of the European countryside. When you taste these pastries it is enough to remind you of the authentic French bakes, if you had been to that country.




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