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Initiation of Algo Trading In India & people behind this –

Algorithmic trading was permitted in India in August 2008 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It was opted for by a few industrialists in the year 2009, one of those industrialists was Mr. Maya Sharan Singh. He was one of the initiators of Algo trading in India. From the very beginning of his entrance into the stock market, he was enthusiastic about new and modern methods of trading with optimum return results and calculated risk factors.

Dawn to a new investing Era; Mr. Maya Sharan Singh –

As per Mr. Maya Sharan Singh “Algo trading has seen a lot in past few years and have noticed multiple moderations. But a new change is always still at the dawn. In the past few decades, I have seen new adoptions in this field but  there are still a lot of scopes to be uncovered and modify the Algo trading experience completely in the upcoming years.”

Speaking about his earlier years in Algo trading, Mr. Maya Sharan told that his team was one of the first teams to get a valid license from NSE to set up their software and server for Algo trading in India, as it was a new business model & not very much of big players were there. But with time Lares Fintech emerges as one of the major market players in Algo trading and Hedge fund Management in India.

With his industry experience, Mr. Maya Sharan also said, Algo trading is a highly competitive market with the least latency and highly efficient software. Lares Fintech is entering a new phase and continuously experimenting and enhancing its software and techniques.

Lares Fintech & its market experience as Industry lead  –

Algo trading is a constantly changing trading activity, where the also trading software, which basically runs on the set commands by strategists and market makers. Lares Fintech works as the industry leader for Hedge fund management and Prop desk management company with each of their technology and experts in their own team.


Mr. Maya Sharan Singh & His Journey As One Of The Initiators In Algo Trading In India is inspiring and appreciative. Starting from the share market which I am vast and major and am still there to explore, Mr. Maya Sharan shares his life journey and experiences in the form of their achievements as a firm and their team in Lares Fintech.



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