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If you do not follow a proper Muay Thai training routine, a lot of injuries could come your way as a Muay Thai fighter for example limited balance and coordination, flexibility restrictions, insufficient resilience, etc. If you’re not prepared for such issues they can be injurious. And the last thing you want is to sit out your Muay Thai training due to an injury. 

Training routine to prevent Injuries 

Balance and mobility for Muay Thai training are much important, working on the areas mentioned below tends to increase your overall performance. Kingdom Martial Arts Academy always stands with you according to the needs of your performance.

  1. Lunge to standing to knee
  2. Standing sideways bent leg open chair 
  3. Lunge with rotated torso stretch 
  4. Standing forward foot on support stretch 
  5. Standing knee to chest 
  6. Standing sideways bent leg on support stretch 
  7. Front scale with hip thrust 

These exercises will help you target your lower body area and help with flexibility, strength, efficiency, mobility, and balance. 

Frequently experienced injuries in Muay Thai Training 

Following the above-stated Muay Thai training, you will see great benefits and progress. And these stretches will help in preventing injuries. In this way, your body will absorb the intenser impacts of Muay Thai training. Muay Thai has the potential to bring a new range of injuries, you may have never experienced these before your training. 

  1. Bruised Shins
  2. Stiff Neck
  3. Bruised ribs
  4. Bruised Thighs
  5. Sprained wrists, ankles, or foot

Make sure to stretch and regularly follow the above-stated exercises before every Muay Thai training session. Make sure you learn to prevent these injuries with time. 


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