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Islamic Shahad Center Made the best honey in Pakistan. The Honey has different verity. The honey is very useful for our body. The Multi flower honey is very useful.

Multi-flower honey has been collected from various herbs, flowers and crops. It ranges in color from light to dark brown. The honeys’ flavour, color and health benefits are largely dependent on the plant species visited by bees. Frequent consumption also aids in heart, stomach and intestinal ailments and has a nourishing effect on the skin. Multi-flower honey is mild in flavour, and therefore can be consumed by adults and children alike, as a natural alternative to sugars and sweeteners.


  • Multi flower honey helps in cleansing the skin, it has properties to detoxify and helps to remove the skin problems like acne, pimples and dry skin. It also helps in revitalizing and pampering your skin.
  • It can be used to boost your immune system as well as fight colds and other illnesses due to having antibacterial properties. Use 2-3 teaspoons of multi flower honey every day to boost your immune system.
  • Honey is a natural remedy for sore throat and cough, for this eat a spoonful of multi flower honey to calm your sore throat.
  • By consuming multi-flower honey lowers cholesterol level due to its anti-oxidant properties.
  • Multi flower honey can help induce sleep, a tablespoon before going to sleep or tablespoon of raw honey added to your evening cup of chamomile tea can help you have a good night of sleep.
  • It is a good source of natural energy before or after physical exercise as it contains carbohydrates which your body uses for energy.
  • Frequent consumption of multi flower honey can boost your digestive system and calm your stomach & relieves various problems related to honey.

nutritional value

  • Energy= 158 kcal
  • Carbohydrates= 30g
  • Fats= 0g
  • Protein= 7g
  • Sodium= 666g
  • Calcium= 30g
  • Iron= 3mg





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