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As the global economy continues to expand andMushroomGrowing 4 You Reviewtake root, is it reasonable to expect that the food we import is safe? As a practical matter, we need to realize that the world food production and distribution system is far too vast and complex to be effectively monitored, so we are inherently assuming some level of risk .Other risks posed by the global economy include potential disruption in supply resulting from war or disease or, perhaps, a root cause we have yet to anticipate.

Basic principles of risk management dictate diversification, so to minimize our risk we should de-centralize farming into the hands of many.

In addition to risk management, there has been growing public sentiment about giving ourselves a voice regarding the quality of the food we eat. Sustainable farming for crops and animals is already taking hold. Many individual consumers, and companies and owners of restaurants, now insist on buying locally grown produce, as the food tastes better and is believed to be healthier.



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