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If you love being outside and taking care of your skin, there is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Bringing the aromas of essential oils with you on outdoor adventures and adding them to end-of-day routines may help support your skin and your overall experience. You can also find or make high-quality skincare products infused with potent essential oils that are excellent for any occasion that takes you outdoors. The following suggestions have the potential to enhance your essential oil practice and your outdoorsy lifestyle.

A Bug-Repelling Aroma or Blend

At certain times of the year, bugs can interfere with how much you enjoy your time outdoors. Luckily, some scents can naturally deter certain bugs, including the smells of peppermint oil and lemongrass oil. You can combine the two in a DIY bug spray with a carrier oil or apply them in small amounts (one or two drops) directly to your skin. If you come home with a stray bug bite, select essential oil blends may be soothing when applied to the area. Some of the best essential oil brands may also offer proprietary blends to help naturally repel pesky mosquitos.

A Nourishing Sunscreen with Essential Oils

Even if there are no bugs in sight, essential oils can be an element in a must-have product for outdoor excursions—sunscreen. Many natural, plant-based sunscreens offer you an escape from potentially harsh ingredients like oxybenzone and parabens. Yet few will improve upon sunscreen formulas with pure essential oils. Look for a mineral sunscreen spray with non-nano zinc oxide enhanced with essential oils like carrot seed oil and frankincense oil. Including these popular, skin-loving oils can help your skin feel moisturized and nourished while providing some protection from UV rays.

A Calming Lotion Enhanced by Fragrant Essential Oil

After you’ve been outside for any amount of time, you can take things inside and enjoy essential oil aromas in various applications. Not only can you diffuse a calming essential oil scent throughout your home, but you could also apply lotion with essential oils. Whether you use a homemade essential oil balm or invest in one formulated by a reliable essential oil company, you can enjoy the cooling and heating sensation of oils like frankincense oil as you massage with them.

Being outside doesn’t mean you have to neglect your skin. You can revel in the great outdoors and relish the skin-soothing aromas of different essential oils and products made with them. Using essential oils to enhance your surroundings or support your time in nature is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts. There may be nothing more in-tune with nature than the pure, potent, plant-based essential oils offered by reliable essential oil brands.

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