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So, you have finally landed an interview with the eCommerce giant, Flipkart. It must be a great feeling but at the same time, you must be anxious about your Flipkart interview experience.

It is well-known that Flipkart is one of the leading E-commerce marketplaces. Started in 2007, Flipkart has now introduced a lot of new features and operations and has become everyone’s favorite dream company to work with. 

So, if you have a scheduled interview with the firm, you have to be prepared. But where to start from?

Start with these Flipkart interview questions which are compiled to level up your Flipkart interview experience and will make you more confident.


Flipkart Recruitment Process

Before we discuss Flipkart interview questions, here is a brief walkthrough of the Flipkart interview for you. Your Flipkart interview will take place on the following levels:


Online Coding

In this round, you will be given multiple coding questions that you will have to resolve. Out of all questions, 2 questions are considered easy whereas one can vary between moderate to hard.


Various Technical Rounds

You will now have to go through multiple technical rounds. In these rounds, you will be asked questions related to algorithms, Dp, matrices, graphs, and more.


Hiring Manager Round

This round is the toughest in the Flipkart interview experience. In this round, the questions are quite hard and are mostly related to DA and algorithms.


HR Interview Round

This is the last round of the process. In this round, you can expect more conceptual questions rather than coding questions. This round emphasizes more your personality and how well you will be liked by the team.

Now that you are aware of all the interview rounds, check out the most asked Flipkart interview questions to get a better understanding. 


Flipkart Interview Questions

Distribute Candy Question

In this question, you will be given that N children are standing in a row. Each of them has a rating value. Now, you will have to distribute candies among these children. Make sure to fulfill the criteria as follows:

  • Every child should have at least one candy.
  • A child whose rating is the highest will get more candies than his neighbors.

Find out the minimum number of candies that need to be distributed.


Only the first argument contains an N integer in the array.


Display an integer representing a minimum number of candies to be given.


Merge K Sorted Lists

In this problem, you will be given K sorted lists. You need to merge the sorted lists and then display the final sorted list.

For instance:

List 1: 2, 4, 6

List 2: 3,5,7

The sorted list will be:



First Non-Repeating Character In The Stream Of Characters

In this type of problem, you will be given a stream of characters which is String A. From this, you will have to create another String B to determine the first non-repeating character. This needs to be done everything a new character is added to the stream.

The Non-repeating character is required to be appended at the end of B. However, if there is no non-repeating character found, you need to append #.


You will be given only a string A.


Create a string B by processing the string of lowercase alphabets A.


Gas Station Problem

This is one of the most asked questions in every Flipkart interview experience. In this problem, you will be given two integer arrays A and B. Each array has a size N.

There will be N gas stations available in the circular note.

Imagine that your car's tank is unlimited. The cost of gas required to travel from station i to i+1 is B[i]. Now if you start your journey from one station to another with no fuel, you will have to return the minimum starting index of the station after travelling the circuit once.

Also, assume that travelling in one direction is allowed.


Two arguments are given. One is integer array A and another is B.


Return the minimum beginning index of the gas station after travelling the circuit once. Otherwise, return -1.


Min Sum Path In Matrix

In this problem, you will be given a 2D array. You will have to find the path from the left top element to the right bottom element in such a way that the sum of all the elements is minimal.

Note that you can only move either right or down direction.


Only one 2D integer array is given.


You will have to return a single integer that represents the minimum path between elements.


Meeting Rooms

For this problem, you will be given a 2D array of size N. It will denote the time interval of various meetings. You will have to determine the minimum number of rooms required for the meeting.

Keep the following conditions in mind:

  • A[i][0] is the starting time of the ith meeting
  • A[i][1] is the ending time of the ith meeting.


You will be given a matrix A.


You will have to determine the minimum required conference rooms for all the upcoming meetings.


Common HR Round Questions

In your Flipkart interview, you are not only asked technical questions. HR will ask you questions to analyze more about your personality. 

Some common questions asked in the HR round are:

  • Why do you want to join Flipkart?
  • What are your past experiences?
  • Why are you the perfect fit for the job?
  • What do you think are your responsibilities and duties?


Topics To Revise Before Your Flipkart Interview

Now that you will be going for an interview with Flipkart, you need to be well-versed with the following topics:

  • Coding/ programming
  • Design principles and pattern
  • Low-level designs
  • System architecture and components
  • Data structure and algorithms.



There is no doubt that an interview with Flipkart is a big deal. Therefore, the preparation should be up to the mark.

These questions are curated with the help of different Flipkart and De Shaw interview experience. Practicing these questions will surely help you get through the interview process easily and smoothly.

So, no matter if it is a technical round or an HR round, be confident with your answers. 




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