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Must-Visit Italian Destinations for the Best Luxury Tour Experience in Italy

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Do you have what it takes to see the best of what Italy has to offer? The European country has over 20 regions waiting for you to visit, each with its own charm, culture, and history. So if you’re planning to see the peninsula in person, make sure you plan the best tours of Italy with a trusted provider!

Experience the best tours of Italy with these must-see Italian destinations

  • Cinque Terre

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in five different places at once? The coastal area of Cinque Terre offers unique experiences at every turn, boasting five small yet charming villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, and Manarola.

What’s beautiful about Cinque Terre is that each of its villages offers something extraordinary for visitors. For instance, Monterosso, the largest town, features the area’s biggest beach and a breathtaking bay.

Meanwhile, the village of Cornigliais best for the adventurer at heart. As the only town without a harbor, you can only reach Corniglia via a train ride and walk a few hundred steps. Here, you’ll also find the church of San Pietro—a Gothic building designed in the 12th century.

  • Rome

Everyone who knows Italy has heard of Rome, and this is no surprise. The Italian capital is a beautiful and ancient place you often only learn about in history books and documentaries. Now, you can experience Rome in its eternal glory, living your own version of a Roman Holiday.

Your trip to Rome would not be complete without visiting the Colosseum, a massive amphitheater where ancient gladiators once stood. In addition, you can toss a coin in the legendary Trevi Fountain, praying to meet the love of your life in the romantic city.

And before you leave, make sure to have a taste of Rome’s delicacies. Here, you can try the famous Italian gelato, authentic gnocchi, and freshly picked vegetables.

  • Venice

Are you visiting Italy with your significant other? Then, there’s no other place to go than Venice, the city of romance. This gorgeous city in northern Italy is not one to miss, especially if you prefer to rest and relax.Venice is best known for its gondola rides, but that’s not the only thing you can do in the city. It is also home to luscious food, winding streets, and scenic views. You can also marvel at the local architecture, from ancient buildings laden with Gothic details to colorful little houses.

Itching to go on the best tours of Italy? Plan your big trip with an experienced tour provider to make the most of your stay in Europe’s famous boot-shaped country!


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Gennaro Rotoli, Director at Italy Luxury Tours has years of experience in the Italy Luxury Travel market. Italy Luxury Tours provides Exclusive and Personalized Luxury Travel Experiences for their customers.


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