My brother and father have Dupuytren’s Disease. What are the chances I will get it too?

Dupuytren’s disease is a hereditary condition that will often be passed down from generation to generation. It happens to be the most common connective tissue disorder that can affect you. You are also more likely to contract Dupuytren’s disease if you are a male over the age of 40. The annual number of cases in the United States exceeds 200,000.

Dupuytren’s disease is also known as Viking disease because of its origin. It is said that the Vikings spread the condition throughout Northern Europe as they traveled and bred with the natives. The ailment is predominantly found in people of European descent only and is usually completely pain-free. In the few instances that the condition is painful, the pain is caused by the stiffening of the fingers, which will bend in towards the palm of your hand.

There is no sure-fire cure for Dupuytren’s disease, however, here are the some best home treatments for Dupuytren's contracture:

Dupuytren Cure has come up with the most revolutionary treatments available. The Dupuytren’s wand is ideal for those in the preliminary stages of the condition. When used in conjunction with Dupuytren’s tape and Dupuytren’s jelly, the wand will provide relief from the symptoms, while also allowing the fingers a better range of motion. If you choose to do so, surgery is available to help cure Dupuytren’s disease, however, it is known to cause nerve damage that can be irreparable and leaves a very distinctive and unattractive scar. In the majority of cases, the surgery and its recovery are more painful than the original condition. If you opt for surgery, there is a chance that you may have irreparable damage to the nerves and tendons in the hand. It is also extremely likely that you require physiotherapy as a part of the post-surgery treatment.


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Written by Robert Miller

Dupuytren's contracture is an abnormal thickening and tightening of the elastic tissue that resides underneath the skin of the hand. It is a progressive hand abnormality that can progress over time, with more frequency seen in males over the age of  50. Dupuytren's Disease is sometimes called the Viking disease and not only gives displays cosmetic concerns, discomfort, and pain, but also makes basic tasks difficult to be conducted by the challenged hand.


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