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The War Arc in My Hero Academia, which has put Shigaraki’s forces against the heroes, has been remarkably violent. Both heroes and villains have made sacrifices to ensure that their side wins. The brutality of the confrontation can be imagined by the fact that it is hard to even guess the death of the Arc confidently. Heroes like Gran Torino, Thirteen, Crust, and Twice are already dead, and it is impossible to put a number on civilians that must have been murder by Gigantomachia’s rampage. The current Arc has been brutal and violent; therefore, the side characters have been given little attention. Most fans have failed to notice the secrets that have been revealed by them and their character development. Shoto Todoroki is an excellent example since his latest power-up was given little attention in all the chaos that has ensued in the fight of good versus evil.

Chapters 285 to 295 of the manga, My Hero Academia have revealed Shoto’s previously unseen flight capabilities. Although there is no explanation of how he can use his Quirk, the recent development was crucial for his character. Most of the main cast have grown in powers and skills, and to remain relevant, Shoto needed to step up and prove that he is just as good as the other heroes. Shoto Todoroki, son of Endeavor the hero no. 1, has been a crucial character for the manga and anime, but he has been sidelined for quite some time. It was crucial that he was also given an opportunity to prove himself, and the latest chapters have done what was long overdue.

Shoto’s abilities were first revealed when he joined the top heroes along with his friends to confront Shigaraki himself. After the downfall of Aizawa and Ryukyu, it was the responsibility of Deku, Bakugo, and Endeavor to put down the leader of the League of the villains. Since Shigaraki had regenerative powers, it almost seemed impossible to fight him. The heroes came up with a strategy. Shoto and Bakugo began cooling down Endeavor to prepare him for an all-out attack on the villain and ensure that hero no. 1 is not overheating. But, for Endeavor to attack Shigaraki, he was supposed to be propelled through the air to close the distance between him and the villain.

In the recently released chapters, Shoto’s ability to fly was demonstrated one more time but in a more definitive way. After an all-out attack on Shigaraki, Bakugo, Deku and Endeavor were all falling flies out of the sky when Shoto realized no one other than him could ensure that they landed safely. Surprisingly, Shoto sped through the air to catch all three of them one-by-one to ensure that none of them was gravely injured by the fall. He not only flew to a significantly high altitude but also brought down Endeavor, who is a muscular and heavy hero. It proves that Shoto is now very skilled when it comes to flying and he can not only do that with ease but even catch heavy objects midflight.

What is impressive is the precision with which he can land them all to safety. While he was doing his work-study with his father, his aerial maneuverability lacked precision, but that was not the case in this incident. He did his job with little effort and high accuracy, ensuring that the injured heroes were protected from the deadly impact of their fall. 

Shoto’s ability to fly is essential for two crucial reasons. The type of villains that the heroes face makes it necessary that the heroes have some way of getting out of the way. We have seen it many times with a ton of villains on My Hero Academia. They were made even more deadly because of their ability to easily target their adversaries on the ground. Overhaul is a good example. He could instantaneously disintegrate anything, including the ground, just by touching it. So, the heroes needed to have some way of increasing the distance with such villains for long-range attacks and defense. 

Shigaraki is another example who is dangerous because he can use his Decay waves to put things in its way in danger. Since this attack can be neutralized by a hero with an ability to fly, it is crucial that the top heroes fly to face such dangerous villains. The second reason is an obvious one. Most top heroes in My Hero Academia can fly using their Quirks in one way or the other. The flight is, therefore, essential to defeat the best villains and to become a top hero.

In the last few chapters, Shoto’s character development is crucial since he is the son of the no. 1 hero and has one of the most impressive Quirks in class 1-A. Along with Deku and Bakugo, he is the most talented future hero of his class; therefore, he must be given more chances to prove his ability just like Bakugo and Deku.

Source: My Hero Academia: Shoto Todoroki’s Unseen Flight Capabilities


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