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The fight between Tomura Shigaraki’s forces and the heroes is too violent even for the pros. Everyone is bloodied and bruised as they struggle to keep up with the fight. Tomura has unleashed an unimaginable terror on the Jaku city, destroyed by his Decay wave. The hordes of Nomu are continuously testing the pro-heroes who seem to have no answer to an unending task that they have on their plates. Tomura, with his All for One and Decay Quirk, appears to have godlike invincibility. Deku and Bakugo, along with the heroes, appear helpless against him.

After a long brutal exchange of blows, both the heroes and Tomura appear to be slowing down. It seems soon both will reach their limits. But this is not time to think or rest, and Tomura still has a very sinister trick up his sleeve. The Quirk-erasing bullets that he had stolen from Overhaul are still with him. Aware of his fatigue, he prepares to use them to erase the Quirks of two heroes to make his path easier. My Hero Academia #281 ends on a cliffhanger as he contemplates his options.

The battle to this point has been very violent and horrifying. The heroes have suffered a lot, and even though Aizawa was able to erase Tomura’s Quirks, it seems the heroes could not draw any advantage of the opportunity. All of the counter-attacks on Tomura have caused little damage to him, thanks to the synthetic body that he has created using the results of Nomu experiments, which were conducted in the beginning. The combined forces of No. 1 hero Endeavor, Deku, Gran Torino, Aizawa, Ryukyu, Manual, Rock Lock has tremendously failed to cause any significant damage to Tomura. It seems the heroes have no idea how to stop him.

Aware that as soon as Aizawa blinks, Tomura will again gain the ability to use his Quirk, the heroes attack. Deku, enraged by the death of Gran Torino, attacks him, screaming that he will never forgive him. He tries to pin him in place, and Ryukyu, too, despite breaking hands, does everything she can to hold Tomura down as Endeavor prepares for the final blow to kill him. They all know that time is running out, Tomura’s Quirks are too strong, and once Aizawa blinks, he will undoubtedly wreak havoc.

But they are unaware of something very sinister up Tomura’s sleeve. He still has two Quirk erasing bullets that he is going to use. If he succeeds, he will technically eliminate two heroes from the fight. That will be a big blow for an already rattled hero team. Logically thinking, one of the two targets must be Aizawa, who has caused a lot of trouble for him by erasing his Quirks for so long, and the other could be Endeavor, who is currently the Number One hero. Doing this will make his path very easy, and the rest won’t stand a chance against his Quirks. It is a very depressing situation for the heroes, and there seems to be no hope for them out of it. Deku has to show the true capabilities of All for One now, even though it might hurt him. One thing is certain that the upcoming chapter will be very tough for the fans to go through.

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