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My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular Shonen anime of recent years. Although several factors can be attributed to its success, Quirks have undoubtedly played the most significant role. The power system of the series, which is simple yet complex, is an essential part of the overall plot. A hero can work on his Quirk to make it better, but the powers don’t usually change that significantly. So, the Quirk one is born with plays a crucial role in determining the future, and one can’t do much about it. 

It won’t be wrong to say that the Quirk dictates a hero’s identity. So, suppose one is genetically gifted with a strong Quirk. In that case, the possibility of becoming a hero is much brighter for the individual in comparison to someone who inherits a Quirk that is useless in combat. Quirks that encompass several utilities and attributes are much more efficient, and the wielder can use it to their advantage. The versatility of the powers gives heroes more options and improves their performance in combat. Since the world of My Hero Academia is full of people with powers, there is no lack of versatile Quirks. We have compiled a list of some of them.

Half-Hot Half-Cold

Shoto Todoroki is gifted with one of the best Quirks for combat. He can use his firepower for long and mid-range attacks while using ice to keep his adversaries at a safe distance from him. He also uses ice to glide around. Although Class 1-A has some of the best students with very potent Quirks, Shoto can outshine most of them. In the tournament arc, he displayed his fighting prowess, and although he lost to Bakugo in the final match, everyone knows that he never really pushed himself to his limits. Half-Hot Half-Cold, therefore, remains one of the best Quirks in the series. 

Dark Shadow

Fumikage’s Dark Shadow is another intriguing Quirk, and although he is yet to realize its full potential, the viewers did get to see a glimpse of his true powers when the villains kidnapped Bakugo. Dark Shadow is unique since it is not only sentient but is also capable of speech. Fumikage has often stood up in times of need and protected his classmates using his versatile Quirk.


As the Quirk’s name suggests, Foldabody allows Edgeshot to fold his body as per his convenience. It is a multi-functioned power that opens a lot of options for him in combat. Therefore, it is not surprising that he climbed to the no. 2 spot just by relying on his extremely adaptable Quirk. Sharp attacks, increased mobility, and elusiveness are some perks of the Foldabody Quirk that make it unique. 


Creation is not an easy Quirk to master, but the high learning curve is just as rewarding. Once one is used to it, there are no limitations on power, and one can produce anything. However, the user needs to be smart enough to use the power to its full potential. Therefore, it is not surprising that Momo is gifted with the Quirk since she is one of the smartest students of the class and can tap into the immense potential of the power. It is evident that Momo will learn to use Creation in even more creative ways in the upcoming seasons, which will be interesting to watch.


Mirio’s Permeation is not one of those powers that seems highly effective as Bakugo’s Explosion or Shoto’s Half-Hot Half-Cold. It creates many problems for its users and requires a lot of training and dedication to master. Mirio deserves all the praise for not only mastering Permeation but becoming so influential in using it that he single-handedly defeated all the students of Class 1-A. Unfortunately, he lost his Quirk while he was fighting Overhaul, but his comparisons to All Might prove his fighting prowess.

One for All

Although One for All seems to be simple to understand, there are many mysteries surrounding the Quirk. Since it has had many previous users, it also has a rich history worth delving into. It gives its users immense physical powers, which alone are enough to confront any enemy. As most of the mysteries are yet to be uncovered, it is hard to predict how powerful One for All can eventually turn out to be. However, there is no doubt that All Might gifted Izuku with one of the world’s most robust and versatile Quirks. 

All for One

One for All is powerful, but All for One is even better. Although the Quirk itself is not that threatening, once someone starts using it, it becomes quite dangerous over time. It can collect Quirks and give its user the ability to use them at will. It is not surprising that the antagonist of the show has such power. All for One is almost invincible, so it’s surprising that One for All was used to defeat it more than once. Hopefully, the viewers will get to know how the latter could get the better of the former. 

My Hero Academia is incomplete without all these interesting Quirks that makes the action so fascinating to watch. Although other Quirks are also quite strong, the mentioned ones are different. They all are multi-faceted with different uses that make them more effective and dangerous than other powers. 

Source: My Hero Academia: Unique Quirks That Are Great for Combat


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