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My Nights are Restless! Should I take Diazepam Sleeping Pills?

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On the off chance, if you're having sleepless nights, medication ought not to be your initial option. Although, by routine exercise, shredding your coffee intake (and other caffeinated drinks) post midday, gulping less in the evening time, easing up on “screen time” prior to, as well as in, bed, performing yoga, and trying to have a silent, dark bedroom dedicated mostly to sleep can work.

But what to do if you've already banged your head thousands of times and are still struggling with sleep? Without a doubt, in this scenario, each and every individual would want to turn to medicine for better assistance rather than hitting their head again. Locating the various options for effectiveness, safety and the potential to become habit-forming can be very daunting.

Needless to mention, to promote sleep, using medications such as diazepam 10mg sleeping pills, zopiclone 5mg- 2mg sleeping pills, and others must be avoided, as initial effectiveness turn downs quickly over a few weeks or months. And dependency on drugs can be very problematic. But in case if you are going to take the sleeping tablets for a shorter duration of time, then these drugs do have their place. Woefully, they are often over-used and abused particularly in adults and older people. As already mentioned, diazepam is a very commonly prescribed medication to treat sleeplessness. So, before we move on to other things related to diazepam (diazepam 10mg sleeping pills 1mg, 2mg, etc), let’s understand what Benzodiazepines is all about!


Just as Diazepam, Benzodiazepines are drugs that are also utilized for treating anxiety, depression, etc. These sleeping tablets are the most commonly prescribed resting pills.

The impacts of Benzodiazepines include some muscle relaxing properties that are easily achieved by increasing the impact of GABA, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter operating throughout the brain. There are very few cases where people have experienced the opposite and become over-excited and anxious after gulping this particular medication.

As benzodiazepines impact the brain’s functionality, their effects add on to other central nervous system depressants which include alcohol, sedating antihistamines, and opioid analgesics like oxycodone (Endone). Isn’t this sound fatal? Certainly! This can be very dangerous, and when combined with other medications, it can easily lead to respiratory failure, coma, and even sudden demise.

Side effects of taking sleeping tablets for a longer duration of time include a “dulling” of cognitive function, memory loss, and the enhanced risk for accidents, particularly unsteadiness and so on.

Benzodiazepines ought to be utilized for two to maximum 1 month, or intermittently, and only in addition to good sleep hygiene.

 Temazepam (brand names Normison, Temaze, Temtabs) and lorazepam (brand name Ativan) are sensible choices from the numbers of benzodiazepines accessible. The reason behind this is that they have a faster onset and shorter duration of impact to avoid a “hangover” for the coming day.


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