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My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation (Updated to the End of the Prologue)

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Why do you even know that! I didn't say anything to anyone! Xue Lian turned pale with fright but Shu Jingyun just took out a fan to block her smiling face Standing in the middle Clade was so confused that he wondered if he would be killed after hearing so much news Ah the great goddess of clear rain if only I could be guided out of this endless cycle at this time At that moment Clade's magic stone suddenly rang and he was about to close it when Snow Lian pulled it out of his pocket looked at Clade suspiciously and then pressed the open button As a result a girl with long light green hair appeared on the screen Classmate Clade how did you think about the thing you said last time I'm all ready “Me me me” It's Lan Jie! Why does Lan Jie suddenly want to hit the Shadow Stone at this time! “Eh” Classmate Klaad these two beside you are “I'm her fiancee you fox!” “I am her principal wife who is about to remarry and by the way the woman next to me is her poor ex-wife who is about to be abandoned” “Ah ah ah Shu Jingyun I'll fight with you!” Then with a splash Xue Lian threw Shu Jingyun down on Tyr's bed and the two men wrestled Lan Jie on the screen looked at a loss and Clade could only whisper in an apologetic tone “Sorry sorry next time I may not have a chance these two days” “Oh well it doesn't matter” Although Lan Jie said so the expression on her face was still in a Minerals & Metallurgy state of surprise But Clade has not yet broken free from the endless cycle The 543rd Divine Cultivation Program [2 in 1 plus more in the evening] These runes should have other meanings in them and she didn't believe that the president just wanted to give her a riddle to do so But to investigate this she had to start with the words It sounded simple but in fact there was no purpose in looking for them without thinking She had to find a language master preferably someone who knew a lot of runes But even if it is not easy to find this kind of person the most important thing is that she does not know how urgent the message is if it is only something insignificant then she is not a waste of effort So this matter is not urgent she should finish all the work at hand first and then talk about it 2 “I am the second year of the moon sea” Hillier Dear seniors please take care of me Moon Sea who was dispatched from the student union to the committee was naturally a little nervous in the face of Pannalope and other leaders Although Pannalope did not smile from beginning to end the other seniors looked very kind “Oh oh the most beautiful moon sea goddess in the world has come to our wind discipline committee!”! Isn't this the first time I can't obey the rules! “When have you ever complied Be careful not to be dismissed by the chairman” “Are you kidding Our chairman is so beautiful and kind China Factory How can he be cruel to me” “In that case I want to do it instead” Pannelope's words made the former mischievous upperclassman show an embarrassed expression which made others laugh immediately Although it seems inappropriate to be self-satisfied when welcoming new people from the atmosphere it always feels that the committee is more relaxed than the student union All right you've seen each other Step down first I still have something to say to Yuehai alone Pannalope looked at the lunar sea and said casually to the others while the previously playful student laughed “You're not doing all kinds of things to the Moon Sea Goddess under the guise of the authority of your superiors” “It seems that I should find twenty big men to put you in a small dark room to do all kinds of things” “Well” “All right let's go If the chairman really gets angry later you can't stand it” “Well then we're really leaving Don't attack Xiao Yuehai Chairman” At the same time they were greeted by a kind smile from Penalope which frightened them to slip away probably not even as fast as their voice “Well the person also left I probably ask some clear the president let you come over what is the purpose” Sure enough it seems that Pannalope is not a person of innuendo but her temperament is naturally charming so every move seems to be in the hook fire for Energy some people with relatively low psychological endurance is absolutely unbearable The president asked me to come here to investigate your daily situation It seems that there is no need to hide this The relationship between the two sides is not good The president suddenly throws himself into the committee If he pretends to be crazy he will certainly come to no good end So just tell the truth at this time Everyday situation It's really an interesting action Is your arrival just to attract attention “I don't know” Moon Sea shrugged his shoulders Anyway after what happened to Tyre last time he didn't like the committee at all so he seemed to speak more casually In terms of attitude you have a lot of opinions about the committee but it doesn't matter Since you are here you are a companion As long as you don't do anything out of line people will still regard you as a friend Yeah The moon sea did not open his mouth hoping that he would no longer be a friend like Fan's senior 3 Heaven and earth changed greatly the sky was mixed with dark clouds and sunshine and the college also blew a strong wind for a time all pedestrians hid in the building Tyre and Ye Xi looked at the vision outside and were shocked At the same time all the elements magic and fighting spirit in the air went to the gentle and elegant sitting in the open space Now she was shining with dazzling light while a purple sun was slowly condensing behind her This is godhood! There is a trace of excitement in Ye Xi's voice Yes godhood is the symbol of demigod and once the divine fire is ignited in godhood and the world of godhood is created it will become a real God and get eternal life Gentle preparation seems to be very complete completely at one go there is no obstacle in the middle trade-global.com



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