Do you like to watch great content from a variety of channels? If so, then you must know about My5. It is a free service to watch video content on your TV. You can watch a variety of content from a variety of channels.

It includes Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, and 5 ACTION on this one medium. And the best part- It's completely free. You need to register, activate and enjoy great content. 

There are a variety of applications and sites that can help you watch content. But, stands out because it's quick, easy, and 100% free.

In this article, we will tell you how you can register on and activate it in a few easy steps. 

How To Register Quickly with My5 TV? 

Like any other entertainment app, you need to register on My5 TV. After the registration, you will be able to watch the content. So, to register and create your account, you need to follow some steps:

If you are a smartphone user:

The my5 TV is compatible with only Android OS version 5 or more. It is vital to have this Android version for using My5. Consequently, you can: 

  1. Open the My5 TV app on your device. 
  2. At the top, select the user option. 
  3. A signed screen will appear. 
  4. You can tap on the register option and enter the required details. 
  5. Last, you need to read and accept the conditions. 
  6. Then tap ‘submit,' and it's done. 

If you are a PC user:

  1. Type and search ‘'. 
  2. At the top, click on the register option. 
  3. Tap ‘Register' and fill in the necessary details. 
  4. Agree to all the terms. 
  5. Next, tap on the submit option, and it's done. 

After completing the steps mentioned above, you need to activate it. Every TV type has a different way of activating my5 TV. So, let's know the steps for below. 

Quick Steps for now 

After completing the registration, you need to activate your account. So, take a look at the following steps. 

For Roku: 

  1. Switch to Roku
  2. Navigate to the Homepage on the Device. 
  3. Navigate to your search box and search My5 TV.  
  4. Click enter and select the My5 TV option in the results. 
  5. Next, add the channel, and it will come on the homepage of it. 
  6. After you execute these steps, you will get a code to activate further. Save it.
  7. Navigate to on your phone. Also, you can search on other devices. 
  8. Add your phone number. Or else you can add an email address.
  9. Sign in with your account details and enter that code. 
  10. You will be signed in to My5 TV, and it will activate. 

For Apple TV:

  1. On your Apple TV, open Apple's App Store. 
  2. Search for My5 TV. 
  3. Select and Install it. 
  4. When you open the app, sign in
  5. Save the activating code 
  6. Next, on the mobile or PC, use the code to activate
  7. Click continue. 
  8. After completing the procedure, it will ask for your phone number, and it will be activated. 

Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Download the My5 TV on your Fire TV. 
  2. After opening the app, go to settings. 
  3. You get different options; select the device you want to use for this video-on-demand service.  
  4. Next, connect to your Amazon device and select the connect option. You are done now.

You can follow these steps to activate your my5 account within a few minutes. Also, there is about to set up a pin for your account. Read the steps below to learn how to can set up a pin for 

How To Add a Pin for My5 TV? 

Do you want to add a pin to your My5 account to prevent kids or others from accessing it? If so, you need to make a count on My5 TV.

Next, you can go to the settings menu in MY5. There will be an option for pins. Consequently, you can enter the password and other login codes.

Finally, you can make a 4-digit security code and tap save. It will add a pin to your My5 TV.

Summing Up 

If you want to watch good content for free, MY5 can be a good option. It is the only variable to watch in the UK.

Also, you can follow the steps mentioned above to easily set up your account on a Roku device, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

So, register, activate your account, and enjoy. is one of the most loved apps for watching your favorite content. 


How do I activate My5 on my TV?

To activate My5 on your TV, enter the sign-in option and register with your details. After submitting them, Open My5 on your TV and fill in the fields.
Next, you will get a code. Save it, add it when asked, and you're done. But the steps can vary for different devices. 

How do I enter the My5 code?

First, you need to sign in to MY5 and go to your username. Afterward, click on account settings in the expanded bar and go to the pin option. Click on set, and you will have to sign in to it; after that, enter your pin to confirm and save it. 

Can you watch My5 without signing in?

You must register and sign in for My5 TV to watch its great content for free. It is quick and easy to register and sign up for My5 TV. 

Is My5 free to watch? 

Unlike other apps, you don't need to subscribe or pay anything to watch My5 TV. It is entirely free, and you can watch your favorite shows. It has shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, and 5ACTION. 

Can you download content from My5? 

No, you cannot download content from My5. The shows and films on My5 are not available for download on devices. So, it would be best if you had an internet or wifi connection to watch them online. 

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